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Bump to Baby #2 – Seven Weeks

I am not feeling well, we’ve started to look at nurseries for Ariella as I cannot function – we discussed a nanny but I don’t really feel well enough to even think about setting up the admin process for that. I can’t even get myself ready in the morning, I feel like it’s exactly like before.

Top moment the week? – Finding nurseries for Ariella, there seems to be plenty of good options between nannies, child minders and nurseries in the area. I have booked to tour an outstanding one on Friday.

Stretch marks – No changes here!

Sleep – I can barely keep my eyes open, luckily Jamie is getting up with Ariella in the mornings and giving me time to sleep. Even with this I am sleeping during Ariella’s nap’s and still feel like someone has hit me with a bus.

Maternity Clothes – Not yet, but I don’t think it will be long – this time I’m definitely growing quicker.

Food Cravings –  A kind friend sent me some crackers and those seem to be helping a lot with the nausea, I hope this is the answer!

What do you miss – Being well, being awake.

Movement – Nope!

Symptoms – Huge amount of symptoms this week, mostly nausea/vomiting and being exhausted. Wishing the weeks away, surviving.

What are you looking forward to – September, which based on my last pregnancy will be when I hopefully will feel better again. Feels like a very long time away right now though!

I may go dark for a bit, I don’t know how many weekly updates I’ll be able to do while I feel this bad. We will see! Wish me luck!

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