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I’m so glad we had newborn photos taken of Ariella, even though she’s older now and has developed a more child like face it’s lovely to look back in such detail. You forget the details you see, the dry skin on their hands and feet from being cooped up in a liquid world for so long. You forget that they always had the little face they have today, but it was just slightly changed. Photography today captures childhood completely, all the minute details, the milky beards, the fresh new nails, down to the odd hairs on her ears (anyone else?).

Yes I’m glad we captured that moment for eternity, I’ve been debating for some time when is best to next get more photographs taken. We decided not to for her first birthday even though I would have been first in line to do a “cake smash” style setup, I just did not get around to organising it. When next? Perhaps when she is two?

It must be something to grow up in the new world with every moment of your childhood documented, recorded and adored. I think my own parents who had four children they have a lot of their first born, some of their second. I was their third child and I do happen to have a photo album of key events, my youngest brother he only has a couple of pictures of himself as a little baby. Then of course there are our children, I think I’ve probably got a photo or video of every day Ariella has lived. I’m glad that I can offer her such a vast amount of memories to share with her when she is older, to show her all the things we did together. How much she was adored.

A camera is a save button for the minds eye – Roger Kingston

I remember once seeing a video of another parent who took a video of his daughter every day for many years, he collated the pictures together. You can watch it below, I’d love to do something like this with Ariella when she is a little older! If you don’t have the video opportunities you can always just use photo’s (another example below too).

I hope you might leave here inspired to go and capture your own children’s childhood eternally, I can’t imagine the dedication required to stay the course in capturing each image every day or week but I cannot argue with the overall effect. I myself am certainly inspired!