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Lazy Saturdays…

We have had a rather laid back day, with grand plans in the calendar which did not come to fruition. This all started when one of my orders had not arrived yesterday, after leaving it a few days I decided to give the company a call to chase up where the order had got to. Typically it had “disappeared” somewhere between them and Royal Mail before it was even scanned, indeed! No problem, all arranged for next day delivery for Monday – great! This morning I get an email telling me my order is with the courier and going to be delivered today, no option for changing to a safe place I could only pick Monday. Well you’d think this would be a good thing but the hour delivery slot was slap bang where we wanted to venture out after prime post nap time.Ariella standing at park fence

After much discussion about whether to go or not we decided to head to the park and accept that I probably would not see that package until Monday. Meanwhile we had a few other Amazon parcels arrived, good old Prime membership. We realised we had lost Ariella’s hair brush, we could not find it anywhere! How you lose one I don’t know, it’s not like it really leaves our home much as her hair really has only just started to need brushing.

I really must recommend the HIP Peas Brush if you are looking for a new one, its natural wood (which of course we love, a great feel on the senses) and it’s the softest brush I’ve had to opportunity to touch. It’s advertised as “natural kids care” designed to “gently groom your precious tots locks and helps tame fine baby flyaways”. It also boasts cruelty free bristles is Paraben free, Sulfate free, Petrochemical free, Phthalate Free. If you’ve managed to understand half of those I congratulate you! what I can tell you is it’s a lovely brush, I remember fond memories of one just like this but much bigger. It was owned by my grandmother and used to sit on her dressing table, whenever I would visit I would go straight to her room and sit down, brush my hair for ages. In the later years I think she gave it to me, but I’m not sure what happened to that lovely brush.


While at the park we did a little bit of walking around, swinging and a few goes on the slide. It’s only really recently that the slide has been added to our little park routine, for a while it was very worrying and scary but over time Ariella now enjoys it – mostly! We’ve been trying to encourage one-handed walking and it’s something we have been working on for a few months now, here is a little clip I captured.

I mentioned in my last post yesterday that I would take a picture of the summer dresses once I had picked them up, here they are! These are from Piccalilly, a British organic children’s clothes company, they won best Eco fashion brand in the Junior Design awards and everything on their stocklists is ethically sourced. All of their pieces are very bold which I think will be perfect for our holiday. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to rinse out lots of Ariella’s clothes while there, last time we went the heat dried clothes out in the air very quickly. It’s hard to know exactly how much you buy (if you can even get the clothes out of season) but I really am looking forward to these.

Piccalilly Summer dresses

Ariella is feeling much better, this is a huge relief as the amount of times this past week we have had to clean up masses of vomit I cannot remember. It’s lovely that she is fully herself again and seems to have all her strength back. Earlier today she stood up using her Happyland cottage, looked up at the Christmas tree and tried to point at the bauble saying “balbal”. Pointing seems to be the latest thing, we’ve been trying to encourage this as much as possible by pointing at lots of her toys, animals, the cats everything really.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen the sticky dot bathroom fun this morning, I’ve been encouraging her to do this activity whenever she has access to the shower area. It’s useful to keep her entertained and encourages her to try to stick them on herself, it’s not 100% perfected as often patting them down to stick is forgotten – which then leads to frustration on her part. But with repetition usually we see gains so I’m hopefully that with encouragement this will be something she enjoys!

Eight days until Christmas by the way! I’m well prepared with my list of ingredients to make the second batch of the years of Mulled Wine for Christmas Eve. We are firmly ready to go, let the count down commence!

Being Mum Lifestyle Parenting Weekly Update

Weekly Update – Is Ariella going to do some walking? “No” oh! Okay then

I had such high hopes for this week, we had lots of lovely things planned starting with a music class, classical music performance to watch and finally a Christmas market/fair. Then on Monday morning I woke up with Ariella’s cold and I knew then that the week was going to be challenging. I understand that children pass germs and viruses around, they don’t really understand the concept of breeding germs but my immune system has taken such a battering since becoming a parent. Somehow I managed to survive the first year without a single cold, but now Ariella touches everything and mixes with other children it’s just a matter of time until the next and the next.

Due to my inability to function as a person we started our Monday off pretty quietly, it’s not too long before a toddler realises that they’ve been indoors all day so the easy morning can only last so long. We worked through as many activities as I could encourage her to be interested in, she played with her Teddy. She has learnt to share her stacking cups and pretend they are cups of tea along with a big slurping sound. It was lovely to see such great pretend play.

Cup of tea Bear?

I also really wanted her to start practicing more with her cubes on the spindle as this activity helps children thread later on and works on fine motor skills. It’s something she until this week couldn’t quite do fully but she mastered it!

Mastering blocks on a wooden spindle, well done Ariella!

Never underestimate the fact that parents do not get to recover from their illnesses, I think every illness I’ve had since Ariella has taken me double the time it used to recover from. After realising this yesterday I’ve decided it’s because life just continues as normal when you are unwell. I’m not medically trained, just an observation but I guess if you are not resting then it would make sense?

When I’m not feeling 100% it’s hard to muster the energy to do new interesting activities, we spent a lot of time at the park this week which is my go to. Ariella absolutely loves the swings though so I don’t think she minds! Being in a totally lazy mood I also didn’t feel like cooking, so lunch on Tuesday was a quick trip to a local sandwich shop Pegs Parlour on Godalming high street. We hadn’t ordered from there before but It was delicious and I highly recommend you pop in for a visit. I don’t eat meat so sometimes sandwich choices can be quite limited,  the kind member of staff recommended the goats cheese and caramelised onion filling for me. He made one up and a cheese sandwich for Ariella, both to takeaway and off we went. We will definitely be going back!

Sadly we didn’t make it to the music class which is our weekly class in the mornings, we could have gone but I really didn’t want to infect everyone else. I was in full cold mode, spending most of my time running around with a bunch of tissues in my pocket and in no real state to want to sit in a room trying not to cough or sneeze. Am I the only one who thinks this?

To make up for my completely lack of effort in the food department at lunch I felt I should try something new for dinner so I did whip up a storm using a new sweet and sour recipe recommended from one of my friends months ago. It went down a treat, I was surprised how little sugar you can use when making it yourself. Normally we don’t have sugar in our sauces which is why I have to make everything from scratch all the time.

What’s new?


We had a couple of new things happen this week, Ariella’s vocabulary is increasing day by day. She can now say “Cow” and make the noise to go with Moo. Also she likes to say “Ready, Steady, Go!” all together and my favourite “No” pronounced Noaw. Learning to say no has certainly made things interesting, not because she uses it irrationally – no in fact she doesn’t say it that often. But because now It’s very clear what she wants and does not want, we ask Ariella a lot of questions. “Do you want to do this? Do you want to do that? Do you want to get out the bath?” now she understands to express her view sometimes respecting it can be challenging. We try though!

We have also had lots of fun with our lighting, Ariella can say all the colours and so far seems to really love “purpurl” purple, we let her shout out the colours and change the lamps to suit. It’s easily done with the Phillips Hue lighting system and can be easily be controlled from the luxury of our mobile phones, or by just asking Siri on our watches.

Physical and Motor Development

Gross mobility has come along slowly too, although she doesn’t seem to be too interested in walking much she can now get down herself when climbing the sofa. This is great, no more worrying that she’s going to fall off or frustration from her because she can get up but cannot get down again. Next week I’ll try introducing the stairs more again, she does have access to a staircase 24/7 while at home. We have a neat little one which has walls on each side so it’s rather safe to learn on (the others are gated!), she doesn’t show much interest in it at present though.

I almost forgot – Ariella learnt to dance! On demand.

I’ve spent all week trying to get her to stack a tower of blocks working on fine motor, will she? No. She loves knocking them down though, I think that’s just how she likes to be. She can stack a single block if in the mood and she enjoys the spindle blocks which helping a lot. Ariella also has been practicing with her little activity cube from Asda, dropping balls down the track and has shown some interest in positioning the cars on her ELC Click Clack Track. It’s been quite difficult to take her interest away from her iPad this week, I don’t know if using an iPad counts as fine motor? I guess it does, she’s become quite good at manipulating the objects. Check out the little video below.

Sensory and Cognitive Development

Ariella has really come on a long way since her review in this area, she understands now that objects don’t just disappear if she cannot see them. She likes to hide her sticky dots for her bath under the bathroom rug and knows when I hide her iPad that it’s not gone (mean mummy!)

This week she learnt about different shapes and their names, she can even say certain ones and she’s able to complete the shape puzzles used in the review. We are trying to move towards using a shape sorter but I think once fine motor improves she will be mastering the sorter in no time.

Here’s a few pictures of our week, I shan’t bore you with a blow-by-blow account all you need to know if it’s been raining a lot and pretty cold here in England. However we have had lots of festive fun, with the cold season starting the various fairs and markets are kicking off. We intend to end our week on a high with a trip to a Christmas Market this afternoon!

Autumnal park fun!

Goats cheese and caramelised onion sandwich from Pegs Parlour in Godalming

It arrived! Polarn O. Pyret all in one suit!

The first minced pie of the season


Practicing standing ready for a trip outside.

New Hat, Cold Day

Trip to check out the Guildford Cathedral Christmas Market


Lunch at Zizi’s in Richmond, London. Lovely children menu, went down well!

At the dentist, waiting for a long time (two hygienist appointments back to back). She did very well!

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The whole week so far has been a bit of a silly flop, we couldn’t go to the music class as I haven’t been well. Our trip to the park ended up with me soaked to the bone in a deserted playground pushing Ariella on a swing in a rainstorm, with a cold and no coat (silly me!). Once I was well enough Thursday we missed the classical music children’s show because there was nowhere to park, on Friday we went to a local Christmas Fair which was advertised as a big market in Guildford. The most amusing part of Friday was trying to find the place with one of my lovely mummy friends and her son, we certainly worked off the chocolate cake we had once there but the market turned out to be more of a crafting fair.

To top it all off a trip to the dentist, which actually was quite amusing for Ariella at least. I have my fingers crossed that today will be better, we are off shortly to another Christmas Market this afternoon, if I don’t get some mulled wine this time I’m going to write the week off entirely.

On the plus side, Ariella got a new hat, she visited the park A LOT, her new all in one came so things aren’t as difficult outside in the rain without her walking, Ariella isn’t unwell thank goodness and I’m starting to feel better finally.

All in a days lifetimes work eh? I did get a minced pie though, just saying.