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I crawl the night hours

Finding time to write my blog is proving difficult, as I write right now it’s late and my daughter is fast asleep on my chest. Time is a strange thing now, you still have time but finding a nice chunk of it which you can guarantee is the difficult part.

My last post was compiled over a number of days. I started writing it while sat waiting at the doctors with my feet on her travel system rocking it back and forward to keep her asleep. Babies have a funny way of knowing when they stop moving and those eyes shoot open. We parents come up with novel ways of tricking said baby into glorious slumber.

This week she will be eight weeks old, which in the world of babies means it’s vaccination week. I’ve seen her attacked with a needle so many times I’m afraid to say I’m not one of those mothers dreading it. Of course I don’t like to see a baby in pain, who does? But it’s for the greater good. She had so much blood taken while we were in hospital that I’m sure by now she’s quite used to the whole affair.

I’ve got so used to being awake at night that I often think maybe I should just squeeze everything I haven’t been able to do in the day the night hours. Burning the candle at both ends, that’s what they call it; I’m not sure that ever ends well.

While we are at it, I find myself looking back at photos. I can’t believe I was THIS big.

Might as well throw in a progression shot, that big belly has shrunk down to this.

The theme this week in the world of my circle of mums seems to be parenting advise. I’ve not had the pleasure yet of having a acquaintance lecture me on my parenting but in my circle of mums it seems to be a reoccurring theme.

Take one tired, hormonal lady and one self righteous outsider you e got yourself a beautiful explosion waiting to happen. Why is it we feel the need to push our parenting know how’s on each other as the only right way? Babies don’t come with a manual and certainly there are many ways to do things. As long as both mother and baby are safe and happy I see no reason to put down others ways.

Right adios for now!