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I really love the eve of a new year, it’s the one day that we try to reflect and seek gratitude looking at the year overall, rather than the ups and downs as we are in them and also who doesn’t love fireworks? It throws so many people in reflection and I think it makes us better people to do so. That’s exactly what I want to do here and if you’ve been watching my instagram you may have noticed I’ve been reading a lot of positive psychology books lately, for good reason – it’s not been the kindest year to us. We’ve had an eventful year full of very worrying downs but also some wonderful highs of which I am grateful for.  I’ve met some wonderful new people this year who have made me laugh constantly, laughter seems to be the key to any dire situation. When you experience the very low it really illuminates the caring  and the kind around you, so thank you so much for being you!

I am so pleased to be ending the year happy despite every down we have had and with it every challenge we have had to overcome. Getting the bad out of the way but acknowledging it, starvation, coeliac disease, epilepsy, sepsis, screaming, rigid routine and cherishing the good, Sebastian’s birth, my birthday weekend, transforming S’s bedroom, 100k genome project, the endless beach trips, the gym and  Canada is important. Accepting that no matter what is handed to you there is no point worrying about things beyond your control has been my saviour. There are always issues no matter where on the scale they seem to you, to us they always seem to be the very worst because you only know the worst you’ve experienced so far. Perspective is key and for me allows me to look at the bigger picture and realise that my mindset had a huge ability to change how I feel afterwards.

I am grateful that I was able to experience another year where some of my friends were not so lucky. On the eve of a new year I am able to look ahead with positivity because I know that no matter what lies ahead we will face it together and that’s all that matters.

Happy New Year!