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One of those days

Today has been one of those tragic days in which you really wonder if someone is coordinating your fate from a high. The day started with a fever, mine. I knew I wasn’t feeling well when I was shivering in bed wondering what on earth could have caused the room to turn to frost in the night. Ariella woke and starting calling “up” on the monitor, I said “Maybe she is cold”. Mistakenly assuming that everyone was shivering like me. I asked Jamie to get me the thermometer so I could check my temperature, I never have one. I’m a steady 36.5 c, always!

It beeped red at me, it’s was too early to see that kind of number on a screen. Jamie was going back to work today so I didn’t have time to be unwell. I got up, which was a bad idea – I immediately started shivering and went to get a throw from the basket wrapping myself up sitting at the dining table while Ariella ate her breakfast. Today was important too, I had another thyroid scan today to attend. I haven’t spoken about it on here I don’t believe. Anyway I had a scan six months ago as my thyroid was sore today was my second scan to check the nodules they found haven’t grown. One of them had grown, boo! Biopsy planned now, but hopefully nothing sinister as I frankly don’t have time for it anymore.

On to Ariella, on Sunday we noticed she was walking strangely. Normally she does have a bit of a tilt to her ankles but both feet tend to be quite straight toes facing forward. Sunday we noticed she was dragging one leg and foot sideways so that the toe was facing outwards. Out toeing I think, but also with the dramatic change over night we were concerned. I emailed her physiotherapist but thought best to take her to the doctor too. I wanted to rule out any acute injury that was unrelated to her conditions, although she didn’t seem in any pain at all and there was no swelling. Still it’s a worry to see and she won’t walk on it far, I hope it doesn’t hinder her progress as she was making such great steps.

The doctor seemed bemused, luckily as we have a direct contact with Ariella’s physiotherapist I was told to contact them to make an urgent appointment which I will do tomorrow. But else we will have to go to the hospitals pediatrics department, not a stress we need!

That concludes our day, time to adjust the sail.