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Bump to Baby

Bump Update – 28 Weeks

Top moment the week?

Eating lots of desserts, we stayed at a hotel over the weekend and I may have been able to indulge my sweet craving a little too much. We also went car shopping and even the dealership had a bowl of sweets on the table! It was great, as normally I try and restrict that sort of thing to treats only!

I have another top moment which doesn’t quite make the cut but I am pleased, I managed to actually finish the glucose test today. I won’t hear back about my results for a few days but I’m so pleased that this time everything went smoothly!

Stretch marks?

Still nothing yet, starting to notice veins are more apparent though so my skin much be getting thinner!


This past week sleep has been really up and down, what with leg cramps or restless legs still I can find my sleep is really disrupted. I also don’t really like sleeping on my side, I’ve been sleeping on my side for months now but I really do prefer to sleep on my back. So mostly sleep is a mixture of waking up to rotate sides (because with a body pillow you have to be semi awake to turn everything), leg cramps, aching legs. But I’m lucky that I don’t have to get up early so on days where I do sleep less well I can just have an extra few hours in bed.

Maternity Clothes?

My latest order of maternity wear arrived in the last week, I’m wearing my new jeans in the bump picture. Really pleased with everything that I ordered from Mamalicious, everything fits and is comfortable which is usually not the case when you have long legs! I thought I wouldn’t like wearing over the bump jeans but it’s actually very supportive and stretchy (comfy!). I’ve got a great dress which arrived too, I’d actually wear it if it wasn’t maternity wear so I’m looking forward to wearing it later in the month.

Food Cravings?

Sweet things, we had some cupcakes last week and I’ve been thinking about sweet things ever since. It’s not the kind of sweet that can be satisfied with sweet fruit either, I literally would like to eat my weight in good chocolate.

What do you miss?

Nothing this week!


Hiccups! Finally felt hiccups this week, I have been waiting for them for a while and they finally appeared. It was a little strange I have to admit, she is generally head down these days and I could feel little constant hiccup movements against my lower back. They are different to normal movement because there is a definite rhythm to them, which isn’t the same with kicks, punches and body rolls.


Leg cramps, restless legs still high on the list of symptoms for the last week. I also had a bit of heartburn after eating a sandwich at the speed of light while sat in the car while we travelled back to visit family. Luckily I came prepared and my handbag sports a multitude of medicines these days.

What are you looking forward to?

Still eagerly counting down to the 30 week mark, It doesn’t really mean anything but mentally I think it’s the next milestone I’ve allocated in my mind. I’m also looking forward to touring the local birth centre soon, I had my 28 week midwife appointment today and have been referred for the centre so should hear back soon!