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4moms MamaRoo 2015 Update – a first look

Firstly I should say I didn’t find this product myself, an old school friend recommended It when I was asking about which rocker/swing to buy. When it came to ordering it I noticed they were releasing a new version in the UK around the end of January 2015/The start of February 2015. Given that the new edition had quite a number of differences to the old model I thought it was worth holding off on the order and I’m glad I did.


It seems that the 4moms team listened to a lot of the feedback given by mums online reviews, as a craft consumer I always check reviews for products before ordering them. As such I’ve definitely noticed quite a few adjustments in line with the the comments I saw, so lets compare.

Firstly you should be able to notice there are some slight changes in the base shape when comparing the two editions, I prefer the new look as I think it’s more sleek and modern so a definite improvement in my view. In addition to this 4moms have removed the indent for the MP3 player (where most people pop their phone or iPod) and instead have just included a slight dip for holding it. I think this is also an improvement as I don’t think you really need a dedicated dip in the plastic moulding to cradle your MP3 player the new design does the job.

Everything seems reduced in size without minimising the overall feel of the rocker/bouncer, there is a lot less plastic and even the speakers on the side are more integrated rather than poking out like round ears on the side. Design is a person thing, I’m sure some people will prefer the old shape but I am definitely loving the new 2015 base upgrade. There are other more subtle changes like the seat insert no longer goes up over the mobile, ditched the “4moms” label on the harness and they have changed the design of the toy balls which I will talk about further down.

The control LCD screen has also had major work done, I think the new design is much more modern looking and easier to understand. There is a larger LCD screen with a sleeker design in which they have ditched the little dials for controlling volume and selecting the sounds and in its place are rubber based integrated buttons. However there is one major change which I think is worth buying the 2015 edition for in itself, you can control the new 2015 MamaRoo with an app from your phone! This is just an excellent improvement and it works really well over bluetooth, iOS and Android at the moment. You can control everything from turning it on and off, speed, sound and the type of movement that you want. This seems like a great improvement as you can easily turn off the MamaRoo when baby is sleeping without having to tiptoe around.

I can’t find a picture of this (only videos) but I’m sure they have reduced the size of the labels on the toy balls, this is something I saw many mums mention they wished were smaller in their video reviews online. They are now tiny black labels and you really don’t notice them much when they are in place. In fact in a lot of the photos it looks like mums have cut the labels off the toy balls which is probably why I can’t find a decent picture! Now comparing the two design types I prefer the smaller black labels but I don’t like the design of the patterns as much in the new 2015 edition. I think the previous toy balls were more imaginative and had more going on to look at. Where as all three toy balls are just stripes, stars and diamonds which repeat and on the reverse just colour changes.

Everything else seems the same as the previous model, they’ve kept the reversible machine wash seat fabric, you still get five motions (tree swing, car ride, kangaroo, wave and rock-a-bye) and you still have a vast options of seat recline, unlike many rockers/bouncers which have preset seating positions. It’s great that they have listened to feedback and improved on an already great product.

Price wise 4moms have increased the price with the new 2015 edition from £199.99 for the previous model to £239.95 for the 2015, however I think the extra is justified just for the remote app control feature. I expect as more resellers get access to stock that there will be some deals to be had, but I hope you’ll agree that this update seems worth while waiting for.