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Ten things I love about London

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realise they were the big things.

  1. Public Transport – it’s rare for me to be a fan of public transport, when it comes to me and proximity to strangers. But here, it’s great; London really have public transport how it should be in every major city in the UK. It’s fast, reliable and you really don’t have to wait long. You find yourself complaining because the next train is in four minutes instead of one, 1st world problems eh?
  2. Shopping – it’s so strange to have immediate access to all the stores in glossy magazines, previously those clothes were some what out of reach without get effort or ordering online. No more do I need to take a day trip to London for the ultimate shopping experience, it’s just a short tube trip away.
  3. Restaurants and takeaways – oh my! The options are endless, you can easily go out to eat but if you feel like staying in then there are so many vast menus to pick. Not only is the selection great but they are usually pretty good when it comes to throwing in freebies or deals with their food. I guess when you have so much competition you have to try and find something to make you stand out, but no complaints here it’s great!
  4. Sight seeing – it’s really easy to go and spend a day out seeing the sights in London. I really must try to see more but even if you don’t use it, it’s great to have that choice. You don’t need to plan a day out in advance, although it helps!
  5. Not needing to drive – I guess this kind of fits under my first point but it felt like it needed it’s own section. When you don’t need to nominate a driver everyone has fun, you can have a nice alcoholic drink without excluding anyone.
  6. Diversity – London is so diverse, it almost feels like a different country. I like it because you get authentic food and retail and hearing the variety of different accents and languages spoken makes a nice change.
  7. Weather – this is a weird one, is it just me or goes it feel warmer here? It seems like the sun is out here more than the south west.
  8. Work – If I wanted to work full time there are plenty of opportunities out there for me.
  9. Recession? What recession – if your lucky you haven’t felt the pinch of the recession, but you would still hear about it from those who have. Here it seems like the recession never happened, money is being spent everywhere.
  10. Access – everything is here, whether that be great health care to brilliant beauty salons you can get access to the best of everything in the UK.

Next on the list coming soon, ten things I don’t like about London – I don’t want to say hate as I don’t think that would  be the right word.