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Ariella’s holiday wardrobe

I’m so pleased that I’ve been able to accumulate such wonderful pieces for Ariella’s holiday wardrobe, after a few items arrived this week we are pretty much there with completing her holiday wardrobe. The only things missing now are shoes, a few more swimsuits and possibly a UV all in one. I need to speak with her physiotherapist about ordering the Piedro sandals as the specification is very detailed.

Most of the clothing was purchased in the UK Summer sales or sales during this Winter that we were just lucky to get hold of. However this last week or so holiday wardrobes have been sprouting up everywhere, I was able to get some great new season Gap items further down this post. This is all a mixture of the following brands – Piccalilly, Viller Valla, Gap, Polarn O. Pyret, Next, Monsoon, Blue Zoo and Jojomamanbebe.

When I laid it all out like this I was really surprised how much she has, I think it’s important to have more clothes than not when you have a child who is either messy or is sick quite a lot. We won’t be able to go to any shops so having things to hand is key and we have such a generous luggage allowance, why not? I love the different prints, the variety in the T-shirts she has available and then a few playsuits for on the beach. I really feel that the organic designer has more vivid colours, It’s really inspired me to look into independent designers – something I was somewhat forced to do due to being out of season.

I was super pleased with the additional last few orders from Gap, I feel their new holiday collection really increases the outfit options. Beautiful teal’s, pinks and vibrant summer colours which will hold their ground in the sharp sunlight.

I couldn’t find her green aviator style glasses for the picture at the time but alas I’ve managed to find them since. This Jojomamanbebe sunglass strap is ideal, it can be attached to normal toddler glasses to help keep them on their face. Ariella’s head size is over the size for any baby glasses so this is the perfect next stage for her. You can buy lots of holiday wear online from Jojo all year around so if you can’t find it in store check online with them. Their hats are great, we’ve used them in Summer during the warmer months, whoever came up with little straps underneath – Thank you!

The only swimsuit so far (other than her normal UK swimsuit for Hydrotherapy) is this one below from the GAP haul. Beautiful minty, teal really so happy that they brought this out in time for us!

Now I just need to get us sorted out – and a last few bits for Ariella, Before we say bon voyage!