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Beauty Review – Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector and Routine

It’s winter in the UK right now and one way of telling that might be to look at your feet. If your feet have been dried out with all the cold air, long walks and post summer fun then listen up.

My feet used to be in excellent condition, I never needed a pedicure because my skin was perfectly soft and I rarely had to do anything but polish and tidy my nails to keep them looking healthy. Then I moved to London, in our new apartment we have hardwood floors, both myself and my husbands feet have taken a battering. Seriously, hard dried out skin is not something you want to sporting and definitely need correcting ready for spring/summer.

What products do I recommend?

You are going to need three things to really kick dry skin where it hurts:

  1. A good foot moisturiser – Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector it’s £10 from the Body Shop but totally worth it which I will talk about in a bit.
  2. A foot file – Body Shop Foot File £5 from the Body Shop is what I used because the reviews were so good, I wanted to try it for myself.
  3. Cotton Socks – Body Shop Thirsty Feet Moisture Socks they are £7 from the Body Shop but you could use plain cotton socks if you want.

Body Shop Feet Products

The Hemp Foot Protector has been designed to really hydrate dry skin on your feet, it is amazing and will be a staple in my beauty bag until I find something even better! If you have dry feet and don’t know what product to buy, just buy it as it will fix your dry skin and quickly.

The Body Shop Foot File is a great replacement if you are looking for a new foot file, I used to use the VIE at home foot file during those summer months but as VIE at home is no more and mine needed replacement. This is an excellent replacement and it removes the dry skins from your feet in a gentle way.

Thirsty Feet Moisture Socks fit nicely for a variety of sizes of feet, mine are 6/7 and I wasn’t sure whether they would fit. They are made with The Body Shops community trade natural cotton from Mauritius which is nice to know, as well as this you can wash them in the washing machine on a 40 degree wash – Great!

How do I use them?

Use the foot file first, pretty much exactly how it sounds file your feet. This will remove the hard skin, I found the foot file to be really effective at this. Some of the files I have used before have broken, this one seemed pretty sturdy just don’t get it wet!

Once you’ve filed both your feet, focusing on the hard skin areas (ball of your foot, front pads and any toes with hard skin on) then you want to go ahead and take some of the Hemp Foot Protector. You don’t need very much of this, so just rub a little into both feet making sure to cover the worst areas really well.

The Hemp Foot Protector is where the magic is going to happen, I have tried lots of creams for your feet. Many of them don’t really feel like they have sunk into your skin and just feet greasy forever. This one however seems to be really great quality, not too bad of a smell either and sinks in quickly.

Next take your cotton socks or the Body Shop Thirsty Feet Moisturise Socks and keep them on for at least an hour. For best results do this routine before bed and sleep with the socks on. As they are cotton they will allow your feet to breathe while still allowing maximum potential for the Hemp Foot Protector to work.

You should notice afterwards an immediate improvement in the texture and smoothness of your feet, I would advise that your repeat this at least once a week during winter to keep your feet soft and gorgeous. If your feet are quite far gone then you might want to repeat the routine twice a week until things improve.

I would highly recommend all three of these products, they do what they say on the tin and you can’t ask for better than that.  Perfectly winter fix at home after running around all day shopping in London and if you have time you could follow this routine up with a nail polish and file.