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Beautiful six months

I wanted to talk about our little bright light Sebastian, he has spent the last six months being slightly under shadowed to his sister. With his first trip being to register his birth and his second back to hospital for his sister, in the months since frequenting the hospital as a main event. Despite this he is the most happy, wonderful little guy ever; he genuinely is a joy to be around and parent. He is the very easiest companion, fitting that he spends so much time in my sling so my hands can be free for his sister. This month he learnt to sit independently, cut his first tooth, say what I think sounds like “Mama” and started to wean his first foods. It’s been absolutely wonderful watching both children together, I remember being quite worried about expanding into a family of four and in the early weeks trying to imagine where he would fit in. Now I cannot imagine him not being part of our family and his sister has really flourished around him.

After realising that he doesn’t feature as much as I’d like on the blog, I wanted to share his last six months here with you in mostly photo’s that I love. Marking that behind the scenes there is a little guy that has been chugging away, developing and growing into a little person too.

June 2018 – Five Months

This photo isn’t the best photo I have but I love it, in June Sebastian was being rather social! We had lots of smiles, lots of laughter and practice at sitting although still very wobbly. Sebastian rolled for the first time too.

June’s hospital stay

May 2018 – Four Months

May hospital stay

April 2018 – Three Months

March 2018 – Two months

February 2018 – One Month

January/February Hospital

January 2018 – Zero Months

January 2018 – Zero Days Old, his own hospital stay