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How do you celebrate the fact that you’ve existed for thirty laps around the Sun? Take all your friends to a remote location in Wales with their children seemed like the appropriate answer. Best to lure them with the smell of Champagne as a thank you arrival drink for making it off the beaten track late on a Friday evening post work.  It’s lovely being a parent, most of the time but it’s even better when you can enjoy parenting while still celebrating with friends. That was what I was attempting to achieve and I think mostly it worked out well.

The majority of my friends now have their own children and when deciding on a plan for my 30th birthday celebrations I wanted to incorporate family as much as possible. Child friendly but still fun and luxurious was the vibe I was going for and I hope I hit the mark with it. In a surprise turn out both my children were well and healthy as we set off on our way to Wales, stopping over at my parents house to break up the journey. Stored in the back somewhere was my tower of Champagne glasses, a bag full of frozen canapés, two bags full of stuff for two children with our things crammed wherever they will fit, a double pram. This was pretty light packing, Sebastian was thankfully using his carrycot still and would be sleeping in that – I’ll be writing about the Bugaboo Donkey2 shortly it’s really impressed me. Ariella was going to be transitioning into a single bed with blow up Hippychick Dream Tubes, although she did fall out of bed once they worked very well for her and didn’t take up much space at all in the car.

The house we had rented for the weekend was screaming Hygge inside and out, from its several log burners, candle lit lanterns, books scattered around to its outside pizza oven, star-gazing wooden hot tub and it’s tree swings. On arriving I quickly assigned rooms before everyone else arrived and set to getting the buffet table sorted. Once both children were fed and asleep I could really appreciate the beauty of rural Wales up in the Brecon Beacons, the only sound to be heard was of sheep just outside. I really recommend visiting if you haven’t before, it’s absolutely wonderful. We were very lucky with the weather, the entire duration of the long weekend the Sun was shining on us and the clouds very clear which made for excellent star-gazing at night.

Half of the group the next day went gliding, which I’m told was fabulous and the other half turned part of the old cottage into a spa with our own personalised therapist. The weekend was full of good food, nice drinks and lovely cocktails – topped off by a private chef cooking a three course dinner the final evening.

I want to talk about a change in mentality since turning thirty. Three weeks have passed since my birthday weekend and I’ve pondered on many things, how could I have used up thirty years already for one. But also reflecting on where I am now, parenting and the everyday stresses that surround it alongside the additional stresses of the last few months, of coeliac disease, global developmental delay and epilepsy. The screaming has returned a little the last couple of weeks and on top of this Ariella is going through the typical twos, she wants to be doing one thing but time demands we do another. The social communication delay makes it at times difficult for both of us to understand each other. It occurred to me last week while becoming frustrated with the constant screaming (we have building work going on at the moment which means lots of noises) that I’m fortunate to not have somewhere crucial to be on a day-to-day basis yet; I’m always trying to rush Ariella along, getting ready to go out the house, getting down the garden steps to the car, in the car, to the final destination once we’ve driven. I was sat in the nursery car park watching all the parents in the morning drop off their children, rushing to get to work when it dawned on me that I don’t need to rush and what would actually happen if we just slowed down to Ariella’s pace.

There are few things that are critical, hospital appointments yet but everything else is just a nicety. If Ariella doesn’t mobilise herself because she’s focusing on something else, or stops in the middle of the path to look at a stick then it’s less stressful for all of us if I just let her get on with it. She is lucky that we can do that, why not take advantage of it. When you are being screamed at daily, for long durations is easy to lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel but the bigger picture is there. We have two beautiful children, a wonderful home, two fluffy cats (even if one of them does like to have a wee on a tea towel) and time. We have all the time in the world, I appreciated the time my own mother gave to me as a child, forgoing work to stay at home. A true luxury these days to be able to do so, to be able to take Ariella to all her therapy sessions, her hospital appointments and ultimately watch her and her brother grow.

I also have decided that from now on I am going to invest into others what is invested in me, embrace shorter hair and try to appreciate every single day without worrying about what is around the corner.

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Beauty Review – Champneys Spa Treatments Citrus Blush Body Scrub

A good body scrub in my opinion is essential to use all year around to keep your skin smooth and moisturised. I don’t keep to this rule, but I do frequent spa’s often and usually on my list of carefully chosen treatments next to my massage is a full body scrub.

Back last year I visited one of Champney’s health spa’s in the UK which I had their Citrus Blush body scrub, after that treatment I decided I would go ahead and purchase the scrub and the oil they used so I could do the same thing at home.

Champneys Spa Treatments Citrus Blush Body scrub

So what exactly is in this tub of joy?

Now onto the scrub, you can buy the Champneys Citrus Blush Body Scrub for just £4.00 now from Boots which was part of the Champneys Spa treatment range. The scrub is made from cardamom, brown sugar and coconut fibres, lemon and Kukui nut oil. I really like the smell, some scrubs can smell really clinical but this smells very yummy and sweet although I wouldn’t recommend you try tasting it!

Although the recommendations on the tub are to use twice a week, If you have sensitive skin I would not use it more than once a week due to the consistency of the scrub. It’s a very coarse mix, which is great for removing the dead skin cells but you might over exfoliate if you use it too often.

How to use it like a spa?

Ideally you want to get a second pair of hands here or it’s going to take you a little longer. So you want to a small portion of the scrub on your hands topping up where required, rub the scrub into your skin in long sweeping motions concentrating on each area using your hands. To reduce mess you could do this in the shower or stand in the bath so you can wash down the grit afterwards. At the Spa they will exfoliate different areas in groups, so you arms, torso, legs then turn over and repeat.

Once exfoliation is completed you need to wash the product off using a shower or shower head, I would not recommend a bath unless you like the feel of grit below you. This scrub tends to leave a residue on your skin so you need to wash it off very well, you might even want to use an additional product to remove it like a good shower gel or the Champneys Spa Treatment Citrus Blush Shower Gel (£3.00).

Next make sure you skin is dry, then follow up with a good moisturiser all over the exfoliated areas. I recommend the Champneys Spa Treatment Citrus Blush Dry Body Oil (£4.00) which can also be found at Boots. This is the moisturiser that was used for my Spa treatment although I had the choice between oil based or cream based.

Champneys Spa Treatments Citrus Blush Dry Body Oil

Having not tried an oil based moisturiser before I wanted to see how it felt on the skin, I often find cream based moisturisers can be a little heavy. I would highly recommend this product, you can spray it onto your skin focusing again area by area and it drys very quickly.

It smells just as divine as the scrub and has cardamom, lemon, sesame and rice bran oils which are really great at leaving your skin smooth and radiant. You can even use this just after the shower while your skin is still slightly damp, which means it spreads further and sinks into the skin really well.

An added bonus is that I think both products look great in your bathroom too 😉