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bump update 29 weeks

Bump to Baby

Bump Update – 29 Weeks

 What a difference ten weeks can make! I thought I was big at 19 weeks, since my stomach felt really strange having this rounded bump that restricted me from being able to bend! But fast forward just 10 weeks and I now feel like a whale! With just 11 weeks to go (if she arrives on schedule which apparently under 5% of births arrive on their due date) I wonder how I’ll look in another 10 weeks time!

Top moment the week?

This week has been really quiet in terms of pregnancy. The only interesting thing that happened was the arrival of the 4moms Mamaroo. Oh and I suppose now I think about it were ordered a new family car which is arriving before the birth, so we don’t have to squeeze into our current for the first few trips yay!

Stretch marks?

Nope! But I’m waiting for them to arrive in the last stretch (ha), I don’t even mind if I’m honest. I’m assuming I will get them and will be pleasantly surprised if I don’t..


I had my first night of pregnancy insomnia, right on time based on my pregnancy app. It’s the most frustrating thing being tired and wanting to sleep but not being able to switch off.

Maternity Clothes?

I’m in maternity clothes most of the time now, or stretchy pre-pregnancy items that fit ok. Lots of my PJ’s don’t fit anymore now so may need to invest in some new lounge wear.

Food Cravings?

Still sweet things, cheese, milk, tomato. I guess maybe it’s my bodies way of getting me to take in more calcium.

What do you miss?

I miss being able to eat lots of food, right now space is becoming a commodity and even though my brain is hungry I can’t physically put more food in.


Loads and loads of movement this week. She is rarely not moving, so strong now that kicks to the ribs really are very striking. Anyone watching would notice my front moving away constantly. I think she does still sleep mostly when I do though as I don’t notice her waking me up much. I like the constant reminders that she is around but sometimes it can make you feel a bit sick? Like you are never still, ever!


Breathlessness, becoming slowly worse I guess this one is here to stay.

Headaches/Migraines, this one was really prominent last week. I had three migraines and all due (I think) to not eating soon enough.

Pelvic Pain, I’m pretty certain if I didn’t have my body pillow this would be really painful now. It only flares up now and then so it’s not too much of an issue.

That’s it really, not so bad!

What are you looking forward to?

One more week until I hit the big 30! I’m looking forward to starting my hospital bag list, ordering a new weekend bag and planning what to take. I’m also looking forward to the antenatal classes which started yesterday (I’ll be talking about them in the 30 week update).