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Bump to Baby #2 – Thirty Weeks

30 weeks

This week commenced with a fabulous spa weekend break, all three of us which I’ve talked about in my previous lifestyle post update here. I had my first pregnancy massage of this pregnancy and it was joyous, my aches and pains this time are amplified by the sheer required to hold onto Ariella still. It seems carrying heavy items during pregnancy does not apply to me this time around! Some days I feel the strain on my nonexistent core, I fear this is only going to become harder over the course of the next few weeks.

30 Week Bump

Top moment the week? – This has to be spa time and also my second baby shower, it was fab to get together with friends and celebrate the pending new arrival. It was also so relaxing from the suite to Ariella’s behaviour, she coped so well with the change and we came back very refreshed!

Stretch marks – Nothing new quite yet, I have a feeling it will occur though and probably around my belly button as per last time!

Sleep – I really cannot complain in this department, my daughter is a great sleeper mostly. I do get some pelvic pain in pregnancy but I try not to walk too far and a pregnancy pillow always helps. I know many pregnant women have it much harder, are up all the night – so I feel quite glad that isn’t the case. It’s hard enough when they arrive, I’ll enjoy the sleep for now thank you!

Maternity Clothes – Yes lots, in fact pretty much all maternity wear other than a few large jumpers now.

Food Cravings – I’m at the stage where baby has become quite large but hasn’t quite engaged yet so my stomach feels tiny, making eating rather a long-winded affair. Hoping he will drop down soon enough though and I’ll be able to breathe and enjoy food!

What do you miss – Oh nothing really, it doesn’t feel like too long to go now to miss anything much! I guess if I had to pick it would be alcoholic drinks as it is always lovely to enjoy a nice glass of wine with a nice meal.

Movement – Active as ever, I’m currently on high alert for movements though as I have started itching again and if I do develop the same condition again then it can cause reduced movements. All is well so far!

Symptoms – I really feel like so far I am getting away lightly this time, a little achey, breathless, but really not bad at all. Itchy I suppose!

What are you looking forward to – I’m looking forward to another scan soon, at 33 weeks I’ll be seeing him again. One of the main benefits to being high risk (and there aren’t many!) is that you do get to see them more often.

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