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Bump to Baby #2 – Thirty One/Two/Three Weeks

31 weeks

The “thirties” feel quick, I don’t really remember it feeling as quick last time – perhaps because these weeks were somewhat separated by antenatal classes rather than the general run up to Christmas. Which I must admit has been a perfect way to distract myself, it’s always great to have a project and this year we are staying at home so for once I can really decorate with appreciation.

I can’t imagine I will have as much time next year to decide on wrapping, ribbon and which card I fancy sending out. Sometimes I remember the pre baby days where I put a lot of thought into which Christmas chocolates were going on the tree that year, those days are far gone and while I’ll still look for nice things I don’t have the same mental appreciation for that level of detail. So like magic, here we are fast forwarding a few weeks squeezed into one post – really all I do is grow a little bit bigger each week!

31 Week Bump

32 Week Bump

33 Week Bump

Top moment the week? – The last couple of weeks have really not had much to speak of which is why they are combined, at the moment the midwife appointments are springing up fast. I’ve spent quite a bit of time at the hospital too having my bloods checked weekly due to itching again. I suppose I’m glad that I was able to attend the Christmas light switch on weekend we have locally, I don’t feel too big just yet and walking is still comfortable. I had another scan also which was nice, although not 3D as they are happy as they can be with this babies development.

Stretch marks – I’m starting to get a few just above my belly button, I suppose it will match the ones below. Really not bothered at all about them this time, they disappear soon enough that you don’t really notice them! I think it’s actually worse post birth as they look so angry! but it calms down and they fade in time.

Sleep – Still sleeping well, going to enjoy the last few weeks of sleeping through the night it will be strange to go back to the constant wake ups but it’s such a short time in their lives – we will get through it! Fingers crossed this one is also a sleeper.

Maternity Clothes – Yes, I am far too round to wear much that isn’t maternity wear or stretchy now.

Food Cravings – Bread? Really loving sandwiches at the moment, still having a brunch in-between breakfast and lunch although not feeling as crazy hungry as I was a few weeks ago. No heartburn, that’s pretty good isn’t it?

What do you miss – Sleeping on my back, normal clothes, fashion, being able to twist and bend while seated in the car.

Movement – Always active, no concerns at all about that yet. He is super active and I can always feel him moving around, he has started being more active in the evenings at night-time. A little quiet in the mornings then perks up around lunch time normally.

Symptoms – I feel fine, Ariella has been really unwell the last few weeks so I haven’t really focused much on myself. I do still forget I’m pregnant at times because I don’t have the mental space to run around for all of my appointments plus Ariella’s appointments. I had a strange evening of what I’m told were likely contractions at 32+6 weeks, but they stopped eventually which was good since I was home alone with Ariella. I haven’t had anything like that since, although still get regular Braxton hicks.

What are you looking forward to – The end, sort of. It feels like the pregnancy has flown by and I still have a bunch of things to do. But I’m also not looking forward to getting heavier than I am now, my last pregnancy only lasted until 37+3? I think or around that time so I didn’t have to go forth and experience the last few weeks of pregnancy which from seeing through others doesn’t seem all that great! However I was hoping I’d have a toddler whom would walk outside by this point, which is not the case – but you adjust don’t you?

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Bump to Baby #2 – Twenty Weeks

Wahey, the half way point! Doesn’t feel like it’s been long enough to be half way through, Ariella really keeps me on my toes. This week I had my scan, it was a strange experience compared to last time – more medical focused. Last time walking into the ultrasound room I was quite excited although still aware of the importance of the scan, checking things were developing okay. This time it was all a tad disorganised – I was to be scanned by a consultant and she was running an hour and a half late. Ariella was at a friend’s house with one of her little friends, but I was quite anxious about her knowing lately she has been struggling with environments outside home and other children.

It felt like a very long wait, hardly anyone was going in and the waiting room was just filling up – seats were in short supply at this point with many people standing to allow other pregnant mothers to sit. By the time I had been called to go in, Jamie had to go and collect Ariella as she was becoming distressed. I wandered into the room feeling quite unprepared and frankly annoyed to have found that the consultant arrived late which caused all the backlog, I’m sure she had something important to do but no one likes waiting for a bus not knowing if it’s going to arrive. The scan was odd and my notes were missing so I had to go through the long list of why I was being scanned by her and all about my previous pregnancy with Ariella. The main reason I was there was to check the baby’s brain, this time the corpus callosum was fully checked although with an ultrasound they can’t tell me whether the corpus callosum is hypoplasia (under developed) but it is there and for now everything else seems to be okay.  As I’m consultant led this time around I’ll be having another scan at 28 weeks where the brain will be checked again.

Shockingly I didn’t take a photo this week, we’ve had so much going on. During the holidays everything seems to come to a stop around here, including therapies and mostly hospital appointments (although not maternity ones). But the last week I’ve had lots of calls to place new appointments in the calendar for September.

Top moment the week? – Because of the brain scanning all the scans are in 3d/4d for me which means I get to see his little face! I didn’t get a sneak peek of Ariella last time, babies look quite odd as they are so skinny at the moment but it’s interesting all the same.

Stretch marks – Not yet!

Sleep – I am finding I am rather tired at the moment, my iron levels have dropped which is probably the cause. My body pillow is working great!

Maternity Clothes – Yes I need to order some Autumn/Winter options soon too.

Food Cravings –  Salt is still a big one for me.

What do you miss – Nothing really right now.

Movement – Regular movements are starting to form, you can see them now from the outside. I think this is earlier than last time, possibly because my placenta is at the back.

Symptoms – Itching a little (I know! Hopefully not the Obstetric cholestasis returning), hungry, tired, a lot of round ligament pain actually.

What are you looking forward to – Reaching the twenty week mark, half way – then having our next scan! I’d like to know for sure everything has developed okay and I believe if they can they are going to try to check the corpus callosum too for this one.

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Bump to Baby #2 – Twelve Weeks

Nearly at the end of the 1st trimester, depending how you count it. I guess I see it as the end of thirteen weeks, I’m not sure what I counted it as last time. Anyway yes you may have noticed this skipped a few weeks and that’s because not much really happened, those weeks I started to feel sick again. It’s rather difficult to muster the energy to type when you aren’t feeling great, all I really remember is that Grenfell tower caught on fire and I was not feeling well at all. Slouched in front of the TV while Ariella played as best as she could and we both watched the news.

Moving on to twelve weeks however, this week I found out started a little earlier than I realised. I had my dating scan and while I thought I would be almost thirteen weeks I was actually dated four days ahead. Which was almost like losing a week really of time, but it’s much better going forward than going backwards. So I’ll adjust that a little as my posts go on!

The scan was delayed as the scanner had broken, it was only a thirty minute delay – not too bad really and Ariella was being watched by a friend. Every now and then I’d see very happy pictures of her navigating her way around with her little buddy, not having to take her with me was a real relief. Things are definitely more complicated this time around, gone are the days of waiting in the antennal department happily with a cup of water or coffee for my appointments. Now it’s a matter of juggling Ariella, her appointments, my appointments and working out if I can take her with me to them!

It was lovely to see the progress made from the eight week scan to twelve weeks, it’s truly amazing what the human body both mine and his/hers accomplishes in this short time. It really is a short time when you think about it, Elephants are pregnant for twenty-two months; now that is a long time. Soon enough baby was on the screen and things were being checked, four days removed off my due date and baby was looking totally fine. It was decided to refer me to have my next scan done by a consultant, so that the brain can be looked at in more detail. But I was reassured that for now everything seemed okay and low risk of the various genetic testing they provide pregnant women. For now this baby was measuring roughly in the 50th percentile, I came out of the appointment feeling very content.

Top moment the week? – Hitting the 12 week mark and knowing that the risks drop dramatically also knowing that I will be having a scan, getting to see the baby again.

Stretch marks – No changes still.

Sleep – Surprisingly doing better than I was, I had a little blip but have been quite ill anyway with colds lately. However I can feel things easing off a bit and I’m hoping this pregnancy will not be like my last.

Maternity Clothes – Not just yet.

Food Cravings –  I don’t think so.

What do you miss – Not throwing up, being able to brush my teeth without gagging.

Movement – Flutters I think but certainly no confirmed movements yet.

Symptoms – Generally I can tell lots is going on, some days I feel worse than others but overall things do seem to be improving. I think some kind of appetite is on its way!

What are you looking forward to – I’ve booked in for my next private scan to find out the gender and just check things are going okay, so looking forward now to the sixteen week mark.

These posts are retrospective, if you’d like to check out other weeks please click below

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