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32 weeks

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Bump to Baby #2 – Thirty One/Two/Three Weeks

31 weeks

The “thirties” feel quick, I don’t really remember it feeling as quick last time – perhaps because these weeks were somewhat separated by antenatal classes rather than the general run up to Christmas. Which I must admit has been a perfect way to distract myself, it’s always great to have a project and this year we are staying at home so for once I can really decorate with appreciation.

I can’t imagine I will have as much time next year to decide on wrapping, ribbon and which card I fancy sending out. Sometimes I remember the pre baby days where I put a lot of thought into which Christmas chocolates were going on the tree that year, those days are far gone and while I’ll still look for nice things I don’t have the same mental appreciation for that level of detail. So like magic, here we are fast forwarding a few weeks squeezed into one post – really all I do is grow a little bit bigger each week!

31 Week Bump

32 Week Bump

33 Week Bump

Top moment the week? – The last couple of weeks have really not had much to speak of which is why they are combined, at the moment the midwife appointments are springing up fast. I’ve spent quite a bit of time at the hospital too having my bloods checked weekly due to itching again. I suppose I’m glad that I was able to attend the Christmas light switch on weekend we have locally, I don’t feel too big just yet and walking is still comfortable. I had another scan also which was nice, although not 3D as they are happy as they can be with this babies development.

Stretch marks – I’m starting to get a few just above my belly button, I suppose it will match the ones below. Really not bothered at all about them this time, they disappear soon enough that you don’t really notice them! I think it’s actually worse post birth as they look so angry! but it calms down and they fade in time.

Sleep – Still sleeping well, going to enjoy the last few weeks of sleeping through the night it will be strange to go back to the constant wake ups but it’s such a short time in their lives – we will get through it! Fingers crossed this one is also a sleeper.

Maternity Clothes – Yes, I am far too round to wear much that isn’t maternity wear or stretchy now.

Food Cravings – Bread? Really loving sandwiches at the moment, still having a brunch in-between breakfast and lunch although not feeling as crazy hungry as I was a few weeks ago. No heartburn, that’s pretty good isn’t it?

What do you miss – Sleeping on my back, normal clothes, fashion, being able to twist and bend while seated in the car.

Movement – Always active, no concerns at all about that yet. He is super active and I can always feel him moving around, he has started being more active in the evenings at night-time. A little quiet in the mornings then perks up around lunch time normally.

Symptoms – I feel fine, Ariella has been really unwell the last few weeks so I haven’t really focused much on myself. I do still forget I’m pregnant at times because I don’t have the mental space to run around for all of my appointments plus Ariella’s appointments. I had a strange evening of what I’m told were likely contractions at 32+6 weeks, but they stopped eventually which was good since I was home alone with Ariella. I haven’t had anything like that since, although still get regular Braxton hicks.

What are you looking forward to – The end, sort of. It feels like the pregnancy has flown by and I still have a bunch of things to do. But I’m also not looking forward to getting heavier than I am now, my last pregnancy only lasted until 37+3? I think or around that time so I didn’t have to go forth and experience the last few weeks of pregnancy which from seeing through others doesn’t seem all that great! However I was hoping I’d have a toddler whom would walk outside by this point, which is not the case – but you adjust don’t you?

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Bump Update – 32 Weeks

Is it just me or are the weeks starting to slow down? I get the feeling these last few weeks are going to take their time, which is a real shame since they aren’t the most comfortable. It’s been nice over the week feeling lots of kicks and movement but occasionally a little foot gets trapped between the ribs or she’s a little too aggressive! Last Monday’s antenatal class was about pain relief, we had a different lady running the class and her accent was really hard to understand. I think by the end of the class I could understand about 80% of what she was saying.

Mostly it’s just been a really slow week, you end up getting round and heavy it’s a lot of effort to walk to places or just move around in general. I did venture out a few times though, mostly for hospital visits and have been making use of the excellent Uber taxi service here in London for any trips out with the husband lately.

Top moment the week?

Feeling a little persons foot, until now I’ve felt what feels like arms, legs, knees and general hits with I assume feet and hands. But towards the end of the last week I felt a distinct foot against my skin, when I touched it it really did feel like the bottom of a foot whereas before I’ve never really been able to decipher what was poking out of where. The other top moment has to be being able to say that she’s due next month when asked, seeing as it was the 1st of March on Sunday.

Stretch marks?

Entering stretch mark territory these days, I’ve read quite a few people got their first stretch marks on the final last few weeks of their pregnancy. I’ve yet to get any but each week I check with anticipation of their arrival!


It’s still pretty good, the restless legs have come back for some reason. I hate that, it feels like your legs ache almost like when you sit in a chair too long at the cinema and you want to get up and stretch them? Well it’s just like that but you are lying down and the only way to stop them aching is to get up. I tend to just ignore them and switch sides which helps for a bit until they start aching again.

Maternity Clothes?

All my maternity stuff for the hospital arrived as expected, I don’t imagine I will be buying anymore maternity wear now. I’m going to throw a going home hospital outfit together shortly for my hospital bag, but I’m hoping to use things that are just stretchy.

Food Cravings?

Still sweet things, that and salty things. My appetite is bizarre, I am hungry most of the time and embarrassingly eat the worst  food ever! I don’t really want an apple, I’d like a chocolate bar thank you. No use trying to ignore it either since I get migraines if I’m hungry, so it’s like a losing race. If I leave it too long I’ll end up wiping out my day and have to spent it in a dark room but on the flip side the things I’m craving are not great.

What do you miss?

Energy, we went out on the weekend for Afternoon Tea and once we got home I was knackered. I’m knackered now and I slept really well last night, I could probably go for a nap maybe I should?


Always, lots of aggressive whacks this last week many have made me jump!


Backache – Aching on and off, if i remember to keep my posture good it tends not to be too bad. Nothing I can’t cope with certainly.

Braxton Hicks – Too regular for my liking, finding it hard at times to know if they are just Braxton Hicks because for some reason my body likes to go into a little episode of labour like contractions and then stops.

Breathlessness  – Still here, still annoying but coping with it alright.

Sinus aches – My ear aches! I mean what the heck is that about?

Tiredness – Yawn, need I say more?

I’m still having strange palpitations, so I’m waiting for an appointment with a consultant to discuss them just to make sure it isn’t going to be an issue for my low risk birth. Knowing how things work here I expect I’ll get an appointment right before I go into labour!

What are you looking forward to?

The next chapter, I’m about done now and I’m getting bored of waiting now.

I’m also looking forward to not being so round, it’s not like gaining extra weight which is distributed. I’m like some kind of front heavy whale.