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31 weeks

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Bump to Baby #2 – Thirty One/Two/Three Weeks

31 weeks

The “thirties” feel quick, I don’t really remember it feeling as quick last time – perhaps because these weeks were somewhat separated by antenatal classes rather than the general run up to Christmas. Which I must admit has been a perfect way to distract myself, it’s always great to have a project and this year we are staying at home so for once I can really decorate with appreciation.

I can’t imagine I will have as much time next year to decide on wrapping, ribbon and which card I fancy sending out. Sometimes I remember the pre baby days where I put a lot of thought into which Christmas chocolates were going on the tree that year, those days are far gone and while I’ll still look for nice things I don’t have the same mental appreciation for that level of detail. So like magic, here we are fast forwarding a few weeks squeezed into one post – really all I do is grow a little bit bigger each week!

31 Week Bump

32 Week Bump

33 Week Bump

Top moment the week? – The last couple of weeks have really not had much to speak of which is why they are combined, at the moment the midwife appointments are springing up fast. I’ve spent quite a bit of time at the hospital too having my bloods checked weekly due to itching again. I suppose I’m glad that I was able to attend the Christmas light switch on weekend we have locally, I don’t feel too big just yet and walking is still comfortable. I had another scan also which was nice, although not 3D as they are happy as they can be with this babies development.

Stretch marks – I’m starting to get a few just above my belly button, I suppose it will match the ones below. Really not bothered at all about them this time, they disappear soon enough that you don’t really notice them! I think it’s actually worse post birth as they look so angry! but it calms down and they fade in time.

Sleep – Still sleeping well, going to enjoy the last few weeks of sleeping through the night it will be strange to go back to the constant wake ups but it’s such a short time in their lives – we will get through it! Fingers crossed this one is also a sleeper.

Maternity Clothes – Yes, I am far too round to wear much that isn’t maternity wear or stretchy now.

Food Cravings – Bread? Really loving sandwiches at the moment, still having a brunch in-between breakfast and lunch although not feeling as crazy hungry as I was a few weeks ago. No heartburn, that’s pretty good isn’t it?

What do you miss – Sleeping on my back, normal clothes, fashion, being able to twist and bend while seated in the car.

Movement – Always active, no concerns at all about that yet. He is super active and I can always feel him moving around, he has started being more active in the evenings at night-time. A little quiet in the mornings then perks up around lunch time normally.

Symptoms – I feel fine, Ariella has been really unwell the last few weeks so I haven’t really focused much on myself. I do still forget I’m pregnant at times because I don’t have the mental space to run around for all of my appointments plus Ariella’s appointments. I had a strange evening of what I’m told were likely contractions at 32+6 weeks, but they stopped eventually which was good since I was home alone with Ariella. I haven’t had anything like that since, although still get regular Braxton hicks.

What are you looking forward to – The end, sort of. It feels like the pregnancy has flown by and I still have a bunch of things to do. But I’m also not looking forward to getting heavier than I am now, my last pregnancy only lasted until 37+3? I think or around that time so I didn’t have to go forth and experience the last few weeks of pregnancy which from seeing through others doesn’t seem all that great! However I was hoping I’d have a toddler whom would walk outside by this point, which is not the case – but you adjust don’t you?

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Bump Update – 31 Weeks, single figure count down

And so it begins the single figure count down, there is now anywhere between 6 – 9 (assuming I don’t go over due) weeks left. I’m going to count down now as if I won’t go over due, as the thought of actually going over due is depressing. It’s quite common though for first time mums to be anywhere around two weeks before or two weeks after their due date so we will just have to wait and see.

The antenatal class this week was interesting, labour and birth and I managed to book onto a tour of the birthing centre just before the class. I think the birthing centre was impressive, they only deliver low risk babies so It’s somewhat out of my hands as to whether I will at the last moment become high risk. But providing everything goes to plan that’s my preferred option. It’s a small unit with just five rooms, but the rooms are huge, they have a huge birthing pool in every room and en suite. Even more impressive the rooms have balconies, double beds (no visitor hours for your birthing partner) and you get a midwife assigned to you for the duration. All this and you stay in the one room the whole time and can leave when you want, in fact when we went on a tour the midwives had no one in giving birth that evening and boy did they all look relaxed and happy in their jobs.

On the downside they don’t do epidural, so if you want one of those you have to take an ambulance transfer to the hospital but their transfer rate is less that 5%.

Top moment the week?

I am about 80% done with my hospital bag, I just need a few more items to arrive and I’ll be ready to go. Once I have done that I will be sure to write a blog post about what to pack in your hospital bag! It’s taken ages, as while I’m hoping to go to the birth centre things might not work out that way. I may end up having a C Section, or staying in the hospital and I have to pack as if that could be the case.

Stretch marks?

Nothing yet, some evenings I over eat and I spend the next few hours complaining about how tight my skin feels while worrying that I’m going to cause myself stretch marks! I’m sure I will get one of two, I just hope I don’t get too many the first time around but it’s completely out of my control.


I can’t complain, I sleep through the night and I don’t have to get up very often. In fact I’d say it’s only this last week that I’ve had to get up because she’s bouncing on my bladder! I’m told this is pretty good going and that most pregnant ladies have months of this, if I’m only going to have to make one trip occasionally in the night with such few weeks to go I can’t complain, can I?

Maternity Clothes?

So I have ordered those maternity PJ’s I talked about last week, I’m still waiting for them to arrive though. I went for something simple just two night dresses and a robe so I can walk around in the hospital/birth centre if it’s a bit cold. Who knows what the weather in April is going to be like in the UK, it’s not very predictable.

Food Cravings?

Oh sweet, sweet, amazing things! It’s not uncommon either, I’ve read lots of other ladies who have craved sweet treats around this time. I tell you, if it’s smothered in chocolate, ice cream or tasty caramel I’ll eat that thank you very much. I wouldn’t say no to a doughnut either.

What do you miss?

Two things, Champagne (ha yes you’ve heard that so often) and my old body. I miss being thin, in fact I can now appreciate how thin I actually was. Looking forward to going back to that, with an improved attitude!


Same as last week, I worry now if I don’t feel her for an hour because she always moves. I wonder if I’m setting myself up for a really awake baby, she only really sleeps when I walk around which I don’t do very often. I’m not sure I’d want to walk around even if I could be bothered to, since I have bad pelvic pain which flares up from walking.


Backache – this is becoming more of an issue, it’s been aching quite a lot this last week.

Braxton Hicks – More regular, in fact we had a little panic this weekend as I was getting braxton hicks every five minutes along with cramps and backache. Next time that happens I’m to go to the hospital, lets hope it doesn’t occur again!

Breathlessness  – Getting used to it now, apparently this will be the case until she drops. Once she drops I should get more room up above but it might be more uncomfortable down before. You win some, you lose some!

Sinus aches – Bloody annoying, that’s what these are. My ears, jaw, face aches and I’ve had to get a hot water bottle out frequently this week.

Swelling – My feet are starting to swell, luckily it’s UGG weather here in the UK.

Low Blood Pressure – Since being pregnant my blood pressure is on the low side of ideal, I’ve now had a grand total of two fainting episodes! Both at the doctors, which is quite comical and highly embarrassing.

With my little braxton hicks episode it’s been quite a weird week! On the plus side I am back eating my normal amounts, so maybe she has dropped a little. I’ve also not had much in the way of heartburn, which I think most people do have by now? I’ve only had it a handful of times.

What are you looking forward to?

Giving birth, I’m not worried about it at all I’m one of those freaky women who are actually looking forward to it. I’ll let you know if I change my mind about that afterwards haha!