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Review – Stokke Xplory

The ultimate connection stroller. With pioneering seat height adjustability, the iconic Stokke® Xplory® brings your baby closer promoting interaction while you explore the world together. Thoughtful design makes Stokke® Xplory® effortless to manoeuvre, even around the tightest city corners. Front or rear facing, Stokke® Xplory® provides an almost infinite choice of seating positions. No other stroller brings child and parent together like the Stokke® Xplory®. –

Image from the Stokke website

I’ve been using the Stokke (pronounced Stowe-kah) Xplory for some time now and finally feel I can offer a good review. Deciding which stroller, pram, travel system (the list is endless) to go for reminded me much like buying a car. You’ll have it for a while and you want to make the right choice, comfort, versatility and cost all come in to play; even storage is important.

I hadn’t actually seen many of these out and about until I started looking, suddenly the world seemed quite full of them here in London. If you like the modern look then I think they are certainly catering for that market. When you compare what I would deem the main competitor Bugaboo appear a tad more traditional. So why buy one, or perhaps why not?

The Xplory really excels in the city and urban environments. It’s diversity is excellent being able to adjust the height, angle and direction (front or back facing) of the seat allows for lots of flexibility. If you like to eat out or have coffee it’s really great to be able to have the baby facing the table high up so they are still part of the fun. On a personal level I’ve found my daughter seems happy just watching us eat and doesn’t tend to fuss very much in this stroller, she can always see me.

On the storage front you get the shopping bag which is detachable and included a net inside. Which is a good thing since the bag itself is pretty small, certainly it’s no basket. But with the net and drawstring closure you can expand the size and store plenty when on the go. I’ve often used it for picking up essentials on food trips or if we take lunch out for our picnic.

Base model you get the rain cover and mosquito net. I haven’t used the mosquito net so can’t really say too much about that but the rain cover is excellent. It’s easy to assemble which is great when it rains as often you have little warning prior to a down pour here in the United Kingdom. It contains a small flap window which can be open or closed and fastened down with Velcro. This is great for just popping dummy in or reaching in without removing the cover. So far I’ve never seen any leaking or rain seeping through and it feels good quality when on.


Flexibility, possibly the highest stroller for tall people and easily changed to suit all heights

Can be front and back facing, has various tilts for rest and being active

Long term, can be used up to 15kg/33lbs
Seperate carry cot so can be used from birth, seat comes with newborn wedge which is acceptable in many countries from birth.

Comes with rain cover and mosquito net included

Glides easily, good turning circle and good brakes.

Price, at £849 for just the seat with shopping bag (rain cover and mosquito net) it’s on the higher end of the market. Once you add the carrycot £170, cup holder £18 (ok not essential!),sun umbrella £42 or summer kit £119 plus other accessories it starts adding up to quite an investment for many parents.

Storage, it’s not going to win an award here. It does have a detachable shopping bag with net and toggle to expand but it’s limited. However it depends if this is important to you.

Suspension, you are not going to be taking this stroller on many hikes or off road adventures. I have pushed it around a huge park, but it certainly wasn’t going to be nap time for my daughter whip doing so.

Size, yes you may have to change your car. Check out this website which has taken many car models and their boot space with the Xplory in it.

With everything you buy as a parent it’s about matching things that fit for you. I love the Xplory, but we did change our car but I love how comfortable my daughter is in it and sociable!

It’s important to go and check out the Xplory in person if you are considering it. We found a large Mamas and Papas had a good range and loved the easy of movement in person. We could also get an idea of size and knew we would need more room.

Some might cringe at the thought of spending so much money on a single item for a baby but they do resell well so you may be able to pickup a bargain from a considerate owner.

My top tip would be to buy the changing bag for it too as you can use that for extra storage as there are clips for it on the front of the seat. I clip my actual changing bag onto the handle.