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Bump to Baby #2 – Twenty Weeks

Wahey, the half way point! Doesn’t feel like it’s been long enough to be half way through, Ariella really keeps me on my toes. This week I had my scan, it was a strange experience compared to last time – more medical focused. Last time walking into the ultrasound room I was quite excited although still aware of the importance of the scan, checking things were developing okay. This time it was all a tad disorganised – I was to be scanned by a consultant and she was running an hour and a half late. Ariella was at a friend’s house with one of her little friends, but I was quite anxious about her knowing lately she has been struggling with environments outside home and other children.

It felt like a very long wait, hardly anyone was going in and the waiting room was just filling up – seats were in short supply at this point with many people standing to allow other pregnant mothers to sit. By the time I had been called to go in, Jamie had to go and collect Ariella as she was becoming distressed. I wandered into the room feeling quite unprepared and frankly annoyed to have found that the consultant arrived late which caused all the backlog, I’m sure she had something important to do but no one likes waiting for a bus not knowing if it’s going to arrive. The scan was odd and my notes were missing so I had to go through the long list of why I was being scanned by her and all about my previous pregnancy with Ariella. The main reason I was there was to check the baby’s brain, this time the corpus callosum was fully checked although with an ultrasound they can’t tell me whether the corpus callosum is hypoplasia (under developed) but it is there and for now everything else seems to be okay.  As I’m consultant led this time around I’ll be having another scan at 28 weeks where the brain will be checked again.

Shockingly I didn’t take a photo this week, we’ve had so much going on. During the holidays everything seems to come to a stop around here, including therapies and mostly hospital appointments (although not maternity ones). But the last week I’ve had lots of calls to place new appointments in the calendar for September.

Top moment the week? – Because of the brain scanning all the scans are in 3d/4d for me which means I get to see his little face! I didn’t get a sneak peek of Ariella last time, babies look quite odd as they are so skinny at the moment but it’s interesting all the same.

Stretch marks – Not yet!

Sleep – I am finding I am rather tired at the moment, my iron levels have dropped which is probably the cause. My body pillow is working great!

Maternity Clothes – Yes I need to order some Autumn/Winter options soon too.

Food Cravings –  Salt is still a big one for me.

What do you miss – Nothing really right now.

Movement – Regular movements are starting to form, you can see them now from the outside. I think this is earlier than last time, possibly because my placenta is at the back.

Symptoms – Itching a little (I know! Hopefully not the Obstetric cholestasis returning), hungry, tired, a lot of round ligament pain actually.

What are you looking forward to – Reaching the twenty week mark, half way – then having our next scan! I’d like to know for sure everything has developed okay and I believe if they can they are going to try to check the corpus callosum too for this one.

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Being Mum

Twenty weeks on

Here we stand almost five months on, they have to be the fasted months I’ve ever known. Genuinely time just disappears if you fancy speeding your life up have children!


Baby vest comparison

A few weeks ago I sorted through the beasts newborn and 0-3 month clothes. Looking back I can’t believe she was ever that small. Yet looking forward I can’t comprehend her being that big either. One tip I have is pick your detergent carefully when they are first born as whatever you use will register as their smell. Giving her newborn baby grows a good sniff and they smell like “her” back then but really it’s just baby detergent! Might have to start using comfort again.

I’ve kept a few of her key pieces for her memory box and I’m going to make the rest into a blanket. You send off the clothes and someone sorts it out for you. I thought about selling things but you really don’t get the return and I could keep the clothes but I enjoyed buying them and will do for the next one.

What’s new, well she had her last set of vaccinations until she’s one now and she is able to sit up for a few seconds without aid. I forgot to take the darn red book with me so I had to drop it in and hope the GP didn’t lose it, which they didn’t luckily. Possibly aided by the mass amount of post it note I stuck down on it with sellotape. We’ve really been enjoying her personality blooming out the last few weeks. She finally can hold her head up consistently as well as push up from her arms, can roll, she’s very verbal, likes to stand on her legs while supported. It’s funny to watch her grasp toys and bring them to her mouth, I think she’s teething too but it comes and goes. EDIT: Wow she is teething! What a grump.

We’ve picked up a Jumperoo so that she can learn to sit and use her legs. At the moment she needs support and help but she’s already enjoying it a lot. She likes to just lounge around in it which if you ask me seems like the thing to do and is obsessed by this weird parrot that hangs down just out of reach. I’m not a massive fan of the fisherprice plastic toys but the Jumperoo had really good reviews so we went for it. I’ll have to do a full review once it’s been well and truly used.

It’s all good fun, looking forward to watching her reach each milestone as I’m putting in so much effort to help her develop and try things. We’ve enjoyed a short summer course with Waterbabies locally, I’ve seen a huge increased in her core abilities while doing that. I highly recommend swimming for babies, it’s sad that we weren’t able to find a class suitable for the new term and have had to pick another company but hopefully it will be just as good if not slightly more private. Rather than the lessons taking place in a primary school we will be using someone’s private pool

What I’m looking forward to next

Baby led weaning! So I suppose her hitting six month and being better at sitting up. I think she has the whole food to the mouth thing sorted though

Starting the new baby sensory class, we’ve signed up to a weekly class which run activities for babies. Class one 0 – 6 months is baby sensory and the trial sessions went really well! Keep posted for next weeks update on this!