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Rubbing shoulders with strangers

Someone asked me yesterday whether I had rubbed shoulders with any celebrities yet in London, which got me thinking. One of the things I love about London is the fact that you can walk around with anonymity, so far in my experience people tend not to notice you in passing an introverts dream.

When you look at public transport major contrast can be seen, I think it’s rather unusual to see such different behaviours from the same people. On the bus you’ll find the usual “system” found in most cities, you know the one? Where you try to find an empty double seat so you don’t have to interact with a stranger? But then the sharp contrast of the underground, where you can be at peak times squeezed up against random strangers or alternately the tube station shuts and you end up literally face to face pushing through crowds to get out.

London Underground

So then you have to wonder what makes these people who are so distant at other times happy to rub shoulders in an instant, well if you ask me it’s because no one wants to walk and the tube is quick! So yes you might have to endure being squished like sardines for a few minutes but the benefits outweigh the negatives. Besides you never know, you might just be stood next to a celebrity or at least that’s what you can tell yourself while you hold your nose in the summer.

London, where those who love solitude and a close proximity get their fix; just as long as you are willing to take the good with the bad.

Lifestyle Pre Baby

New year, new beginnings…


Like many people who live in the city, I did not start my journey here. It seems fitting thus to enlighten you to where I did start my journey. I was originally born in the west country, where fields of green, cider and the farmer accent are all the norm and people are unknowingly running a much slower pace of life.

If you asked me back then whether I thought I was living at a slow easy pace, I would have probably laughed at you and told you not at all. I suppose we all look to Europe for the “slow pace of life”, where in Spain they enjoy siesta’s for at least two hours a day! In France, where you rarely see a single soul out and about in their country side. No I would not have deemed the South West of England to be considered the slow pace of life.

That said, if you ask me now? I’d tell you that compared to the City of London, it really is. Usually the people of London are running or doing that fast paced walk to their destination here. There is an impression given that everyone is out of time, unless your a tourist then you stick out like a traffic cone in the fast paced crowds!

It’s easy to imagine that some people might get burnt out, isn’t it? Me, well I’m highly organised and frankly don’t really enjoy long slow walks anyway and I always moved at a much faster pace than my friends. It’s been six weeks since I moved here with my husband, it feels like we’ve been here forever now.

I suppose if you were looking from the outside you might say I’ve made some major changes over the last year. Others have always commented how they could never keep up and how I always expected everyone to move as quickly as I did. When those people did not, it would always frustrate me, this is something that ruled not online my home life but work too.

Back in the old West Country, I used to work in IT Support; mostly third line technical but I have always had a flare for managing projects. Being able to juggle lots of  balls all at once, theoretically speaking that is! I never could actually juggle in real life for long, I did try though.

So having left that all behind to follow my husbands along his career path I am now trying to work out what my next goal is and what London holds in store for me. At the moment I don’t have a job, my husband runs his own company and I do the administration side of that along with other housewife chores.

To the next chapter!

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!” – Milton Berle