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Bump to Baby #2 – Twenty Eight Weeks

28 weeks

Let me just start by adding in my twenty six and twenty seven week bump photos, I didn’t get enough to log those weeks details but did take a photo at least.

Welcome to the third trimester, how exciting!  This week I definitely feel different, like I’m on the very last stage. Ariella was born nine weeks from now, which doesn’t feel like a very long time at all.

28 Week Bump!

Top moment the week? – Storage! I’ve sorted out storage for all the newbie’s clothes which is great. Feeling a little bit more organised. Also I had another scan so got to see his little face which looks a lot more like a baby and less like an alien now.

Stretch marks – Nothing new yet but I can definitely see my skin is getting more thin.

Sleep – Not too bad, I’ve been unwell lately with Ariella passing me colds so I’ve had a dreadful cough which has been keeping me up. As well as this I’m itching! Which does seem to get worse at night, waiting for bloods to come back but it might be too early to tell yet whether it’s OC again.

Maternity Clothes – I need to source a few for my second baby shower coming up next week, or rather I suppose the week after (I’ll be 30 weeks by then – Just!!). I also need to sort out swimwear for a spa trip, maternity swim wear, not something I’ve had to buy before as last time although we did go away I was still able to squeeze myself into my normal swimwear.

Food Cravings – Not a huge appetite at all, which also makes me think the OC might be on it’s way again.

What do you miss – Lots of beautiful clothes are being released, I’m being spammed by various companies via email and I can’t wear any of it. Which really is sad because I don’t often like clothes much anyway! I also am regretting being pregnant again over the festive season, darn it!

Movement – Lots as always, some real hits lately. I’ve felt him take one elbow and swipe it across, he seems to have fallen into a bit of a pattern now too.

Symptoms – Itching, I hope I don’t have the same issue again but it’s been on/off and I need to check with the midwife during my appointment this coming week. Else I feel pretty great, I have more energy now (probably thanks to the iron tablets and folic acid I’m taking) and generally just forget I am pregnant still at times.

What are you looking forward to

25 Week < – > To be released








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