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Bump to Baby #2 – Seventeen weeks

This week seems to have flown by with our trip away the days have just ticked down very quickly, it definitely feels like I should be writing the eighteen week update rather than this one. It’s started to set now that we are having a boy, assuming nothing changes at the twenty week/ish scan although the sonographer was 99% sure based on the images we had, also I mean you can see inside so she could see that it looked like a little boy even though things haven’t quite finished moving around yet.

I’ve had great energy this week, I found the heat of Barcelona quite a struggle – it was in the 30’s and my feet and hands would swell when walking. The multitude of short stops have begun and with the kicks and bump now in full force I feel outwardly pregnant as well as internally!

Some organisation has begun in terms of plans for the nursery, clothes, thoughts on prams, cars all sorts really but I definitely feel a lot less concerned about having it all ready this time. In fact I haven’t done half as much research, I’m probably going to end up packing my hospital bag days before at this rate.

Top moment the week? – Heading off to Spain for a long weekend with friends, our first attempt at a city break with Ariella. It was nice to spend time as a family, it has been quite a while since we took our last holiday back in March. Barcelona itself was quite an experience, we were actually there while the terrorist attacks were taking place. We just arrived when it first happened and our transfer drove past the closed of road, we realised soon after that we were only staying a few roads away. Although there was a certain vibe to the City that weekend we tried not to let it impact us much at all.

Stretch marks – Too early still

Sleep – Really not so bad, I feel like the second trimester is quite a sweet time where you don’t (usually) feel too bad and you aren’t heavy enough for your bump to bother your sleeping as much. I’ve been sleeping just fine, some days I am tired if I over do it but in general it’s like I’m not pregnant.

Maternity Clothes – As we were going somewhere sunny I finally cracked out some of the proper maternity wardrobe, I’ve been wearing the maternity jeans for a few weeks now as my bump seems to have grown out quicker than before. But I really can’t get away with my normal clothes in the most part (unless they are really baggy) now. I am fortunate that we took a babymoon last pregnancy so I had a lot of items left over from that in storage, I really didn’t need to buy much at all which is useful since the majority of the latter stages of my pregnancy will be in Autumn/Winter months.

Food Cravings –  All sorts this time, crisps, ice cream, mostly things that aren’t good for me in bulk – Subway, pregnancy safe sushi. I think the main theme is that I’m hungry all of the time! We drank lots of water in Spain, I think it’s a habit I should really try to replicate more so at home at least while pregnant. I often forget to drink but when it’s hot you really feel thirsty!

What do you miss – I think at this moment in time nothing, I feel pretty good and that generally has an impact on the things I miss.

Movement – Yes I’ve had some flutters for a few weeks now but this week I had my very first kick at 17+5 days, It’s officially real now. This is so much earlier than last time at 19 weeks, it came as quite a surprise for that reason.

Symptoms – A proper bump has formed, I know it always feels bigger at first but I’m sure my friends would be able to tell now. Mostly my symptoms have gone away to be replaced with movements instead. My hair and nails are predictably growing like weeds, the very best nails I’ve ever had are always when pregnant.

What are you looking forward to – Right now I’m eagerly looking towards our next scan at around twenty weeks, the anomaly scan.

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