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Bump to Baby #2 – Twelve Weeks

Nearly at the end of the 1st trimester, depending how you count it. I guess I see it as the end of thirteen weeks, I’m not sure what I counted it as last time. Anyway yes you may have noticed this skipped a few weeks and that’s because not much really happened, those weeks I started to feel sick again. It’s rather difficult to muster the energy to type when you aren’t feeling great, all I really remember is that Grenfell tower caught on fire and I was not feeling well at all. Slouched in front of the TV while Ariella played as best as she could and we both watched the news.

Moving on to twelve weeks however, this week I found out started a little earlier than I realised. I had my dating scan and while I thought I would be almost thirteen weeks I was actually dated four days ahead. Which was almost like losing a week really of time, but it’s much better going forward than going backwards. So I’ll adjust that a little as my posts go on!

The scan was delayed as the scanner had broken, it was only a thirty minute delay – not too bad really and Ariella was being watched by a friend. Every now and then I’d see very happy pictures of her navigating her way around with her little buddy, not having to take her with me was a real relief. Things are definitely more complicated this time around, gone are the days of waiting in the antennal department happily with a cup of water or coffee for my appointments. Now it’s a matter of juggling Ariella, her appointments, my appointments and working out if I can take her with me to them!

It was lovely to see the progress made from the eight week scan to twelve weeks, it’s truly amazing what the human body both mine and his/hers accomplishes in this short time. It really is a short time when you think about it, Elephants are pregnant for twenty-two months; now that is a long time. Soon enough baby was on the screen and things were being checked, four days removed off my due date and baby was looking totally fine. It was decided to refer me to have my next scan done by a consultant, so that the brain can be looked at in more detail. But I was reassured that for now everything seemed okay and low risk of the various genetic testing they provide pregnant women. For now this baby was measuring roughly in the 50th percentile, I came out of the appointment feeling very content.

Top moment the week? – Hitting the 12 week mark and knowing that the risks drop dramatically also knowing that I will be having a scan, getting to see the baby again.

Stretch marks – No changes still.

Sleep – Surprisingly doing better than I was, I had a little blip but have been quite ill anyway with colds lately. However I can feel things easing off a bit and I’m hoping this pregnancy will not be like my last.

Maternity Clothes – Not just yet.

Food Cravings –  I don’t think so.

What do you miss – Not throwing up, being able to brush my teeth without gagging.

Movement – Flutters I think but certainly no confirmed movements yet.

Symptoms – Generally I can tell lots is going on, some days I feel worse than others but overall things do seem to be improving. I think some kind of appetite is on its way!

What are you looking forward to – I’ve booked in for my next private scan to find out the gender and just check things are going okay, so looking forward now to the sixteen week mark.

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