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Bump to Baby #2 – Sixteen weeks

Again you’ll notice we’ve skipped a few weeks, not a huge amount happened or changed and the time passed me by. I think what stood out about this one was that it marked another scan and I am feeling rather normal. I also seem to have a bump forming, this is much earlier than last time which didn’t happen until around twenty weeks. I guess it’s true that your second doesn’t hold in as well, possibly my lack of exercise between pregnancies or the fact that my abs are well and truly shot.

I had my second private scan, it’s such a relaxed event with nice music playing and little Ariella is always allowed in for the scans. It was nice to see the baby again, the change from twelve weeks to sixteen wasn’t as remarkable as both looked rather like a human baby but this time it was more defined. We have begun to look at new car options, thinking ahead as to whether we will need more space for a double pram. Ariella isn’t quite there yet walking long distances or outside so it’s likely we will need one. As well as this the end of the week we had a city break to Barcelona with friends, I’m so glad that I’m feeling well for it! And I’ll have plenty of news to update with the gender by then, it’s starting to feel a lot more real now. Well and truly out of the first trimester and I can definitely feel it, I’m rather surprised how quickly this is all going – I thought it would drag but no. January actually feels like it’s coming too fast! I haven’t prepared anything yet, not even mentally which is rather unlike me.

Top moment the week? – It’s another scan week, so the top moment has to be that of course. Our private scan in which we found out we are 99% likely having a boy!

Stretch marks – Not yet!

Sleep – Pretty normal, I’m still a little more tired I think on some days than I normally would be. I have been trying to keep taking my iron supplements again as I had begun to get a little lazy. Hopefully that will help.

Maternity Clothes – I’ve switched over to maternity jeans, I can’t fit in my old jeans anymore I guess my hips are expanding. I really hate how some of my maternity jeans are ridiculously baggy, I’m talking about you ASOS. My favourite ones that actually fit like my normal jeans are a brand called Mamalicious, going to have to buy more variations. Over the bump is so much better for me, even if at the moment it does seem over kill – under the bump just slide down!

Food Cravings –  Some days I’ll be really hungry and think i’ll eat something massive, then regret it when I feel pretty horribly full afterwards. I definitely have had cravings, mostly like dairy, junk food, or weirdly healthy salads.

What do you miss – Predictably I quite miss having a cheese board, blue cheese, all the cheeses but then that’s probably due to the whole dairy craving right now.

Movement – Flutters for sure, lots of scratchy type feelings. Lots of movement, no kicks yet though.

Symptoms – I have a bump forming rather than bloat, so I’ll start uploading a bump photo now I think. Symptoms are thankfully subsiding, in fact I feel soon I may even be able to remove my anti sickness bands which I’ve worn for many weeks now. I did remove them last week but was sick twice!

What are you looking forward to – Starting to plan things a little more, I can go through Ariella’s clothes stored in the attic and start giving them away to charity.

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