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Bump to Baby #2 – Eight Weeks

You know what, it’s been bad but it has not been as relentless as my pregnancy with Ariella. This pregnancy is bad for a few days but I get relief for a couple of days between. By the weekend I am always feeling better – worryingly better actually. Now that is something I never even contended with last time, there was no doubt that things were still going on when you’ve got your head in a bucket.

I still don’t feel quite up to taking a photo yet though, I will though! Not much is changing yet.

Top moment the week? – Our first scan, I was feeling quite well on the day which was worrying me. It was lovely to see that I was measured a few days ahead of where my previous dates put me. Everything was fine and it looked rather sweet.

Eight week scan photo

Stretch marks – No changes still.

Sleep –On my good days it’s not so bad, we’ve got ourselves into a little routine at the moment. I still am napping when Ariella does but some days I feel okay. On my bad days I pretty much just feel knackered still.

Maternity Clothes – Nope.

Food Cravings –  No not really but my sense of smell on my good days is making it a lot easier to eat, it doesn’t feel a strong. In fact I can tell that it’s building up again because my sense of smell starts to increase.

What do you miss – I wish I could be sure I’d feel well, we have a lot of events on at the moment. I’m planning a baby shower for my friend and I’m hoping that I’ll seem normal for the weekend.

Movement – Nope!

Symptoms – All the same ones as normal, nausea, vomiting, tiredness, bloating. Pregnancy is such a bag of fun.

What are you looking forward to – I was looking forward to our first scan at the start of the week, after which I’m now looking forward to my booking in appointment next week. Will be nice to be on the system and get that over and done with along with bloods.

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