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Bump to Baby #2 – Five weeks!

Another week down, I’m currently changing weeks on a Tuesday but that might change at my scan although I’m going on ovulation. This week has brought with it nausea, I knew it would and I could feel it slowly coming. Starting with a lump in my throat and slowly but surely working into full sea sick waves of horrid nausea. Eating frequently seems to be helping but I don’t know how long that’s going to last for, fingers crossed! This week I visited my GP to get my preconception blood test results, mostly fine although I need some investigation into celiac but I’ve decided post pregnancy would be best.

I’m going to be obstetrician led on this occasional due to all the complications I had in my last pregnancy, foetal distress, Polyhydramnios (too much fluid), Obstetric Cholestasis (liver issue) I think that’s everything – I guess extreme morning sickness too! I don’t really know much about the obstetrician led process so that will be all new to me. I really don’t feel like taking a bump picture this week, I’m SO bloated and feel so rubbish – definitely doing you a favour.

Top moment the week? – Nausea which also is my bottom moment of the week but I always appreciate that nausea means high levels of HCG and that’s always a good thing.

Stretch marks – No changes here!

Sleep – I’m so tired, Ariella is waking up earlier now and I’m going to have to start going to sleep earlier to meet the demand. I’m absolutely knackered, I forgot how tiring this process is and i’m sure it will only get worse. T.I.R.E.D

Maternity Clothes – I keep thinking about ordering some more maternity clothes but I’m not sure when I’ll need them and what season I’ll be in by then. All my old maternity clothes are washed and put away, luckily we went on a baby moon last time so I have plenty of summery things to wear if I need to now.

Food Cravings –  Just thinking about food or how to answer this makes me feel queasy, my cravings or no more like the things I think seem appetising and everything else is dirt change each day. I don’t bother trying to preempt them and just go with the flow. Someone bring me some nachos with dips and lots of guacamole please. As the week has moved on I feel like I’m almost at the point of being sick but manage to claw it back.

What do you miss – I miss being sure of my stomach, I miss feeling awake and I miss Champagne.

Movement – Nope!

Symptoms – Extreme tiredness, sometimes I just want to close my eyes and never open them again. Nausea, comes and goes – luckily so far it seems that if I eat and drink at intervals throughout the day I can keep the nausea away. The morning is difficult as I just don’t want to eat but once I force myself to I immediately start feeling better. PLEASE let this pregnancy not have severe morning sickness. Migraine aura’s have been popping up this week which will be all the hormones. Bloating is annoying, I look more pregnant this time around and I know it’s due to bloated and my abs not being what they were but I was hoping to keep things quiet until the twelve week mark!

What are you looking forward to – I’m still very much looking forward to my eight week scan, I’m also looking forward to my booking in appointment as it feels like the start of the journey. A positive pregnancy test being the true start but booking in definitely puts you on the system.

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