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Today’s morning activity with Ariella was supposed to be “Animals and Biology”, great I thought I shall just take her to a local farm. She has some Holtztiger wooden animals which I get out along with her Melissa and Doug wooden farm puzzle normally but I thought it would be great to take her to see REAL animals.

If you have never come across the Holtztiger brand I highly recommend it, their’ pieces are crafted in Europe handmade from native maple and beech wood finished with quality wood stains. They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and you can add to your collection so they make great birthday and Christmas presents. Ariella started the day pretty slowly, as anyone watching my Instagram will have seen.

Animal Play

Animal Play

Our attempts were hindered however by a low pressure tyre, which our car decided to flash in my face when I turned it on. Having no interest in cars I’ve never invested the time to top up my own petrol, let alone inflate a wheel (probably time I learnt huh?). We ditched the car on the drive and hurried down to our local train station, which mercifully is a very short walk and decided to go out Christmas shopping in Guildford town centre.

Stress free shopping, I don’t know about you but shopping with a little person doesn’t always fill me with the joy it did when shopping alone. I’m going to let you in on a little secret and it’s give them a balloon! Ariella’s day was off to a fine start when a sales member in Schuh gave her such a balloon, this kept her entertained while I ferried through the aisles of House of Fraser. Apart from her being hungry and then subsequently tired I’m pretty sure she could get endless amusement from it, thank you man in Guildfords Schuh!Balloon Baby
This is where lunch at Wagamama’s Guildford restaurant came in and old favourite our mine and my husbands but we really had no idea that they catered so nicely for children. Ariella had the fish noodles but there were plenty of options in their kids menu as you can see.

The Kids Menu

The Kids Menu

Today is probably the first time that she’s ever really been interested in the crayons at a restaurant, normally she immediately throws the crayons to the floor and then swipes whatever paper is in front of her to the right. These were very nice chunky crayons, unlike the thin version which the younger hand can struggle with. We’ve been trying really hard to help her understand that food and things shouldn’t be thrown so it’s great that she is taking some of this onboard. I can also now trust her with a plate, she hasn’t tried to swipe a plate off her tray for a while. I don’t know if this is attributed to the bamboo plates we use at home which has a suction pad underneath it, perhaps she just doesn’t think the plate will move. The service was a little unexpectedly slow, part of the reason I like going to Wagamamas is because your food comes out quickly and children have little patience. Apparently they had some upgrade to their ordering machines so it’s unusual.

I had my favourite dishes the yasai katsu curry (sweet potato, aubergine + butternut squash coated in crispy panko breadcrumbs, covered in an aromatic curry sauce served with sticky rice and a side salad) and a side of ebi katsu (crispy fried prawns in panko breadcrumbs. served with a spicy chilli and garlic sauce. garnished with lime). Due to the odd slow service and me having to ask someone would they please come and take our order,  Ariella was not in the best of the moods once she had finished her meal so I ate mine pretty quickly and paid up sharpish.



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