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The meaning of life…

If you had spoken to me a few years ago you would know that the meaning of life fascinated me. I would of happily floated around the cosmos forever and explored. I was obsessed with never finding out what was at the edge of the universe (don’t even get me started with loops) before my time is up. This earth was too small for me, I felt like I was born in the wrong time that I should have been born later where I would have had the tools available to me to find the answers to my questions.
If you were to speak to me now you would see a change. Where once I would have bitten your hand off to be part of any of the exploration missions that civilians are taking part in, now I would say no. How strange to find the meaning of life in our offspring. I don’t feel like this world is too small anymore, I don’t look up at the sky and find the reflection back at me claustrophobic and limiting.

I’ll tell you, the meaning of life is your children. Breaking it down to less than an emotional response this, child is your genetics passing on to the next generation. The meaning of life is to go on as a race, which I tell you I knew before and I would say “but there has to be more”. Once you actually manage it you realise that just getting to the end point of birthing a child is a feat, keeping them happy, nutured, loved and educated is your long game.

Once you actually get there it’s enough, every day while challenging at times is new. The beauty and enrichment that they bring is more than enough to keep you entertained for the rest of your life. Watching them grow so quickly is amazing, you just can not understand how fast a child grows until you have one yourself. Every week there is a new development and you have to learn them all again.

I wouldn’t miss it for the universe.



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