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Three weeks post-partum – Using the Belly Bandit Wrap

I’ve been using the Bamboo belly bandit since five days after the birth of my daughter, deciding which size to buy was pretty easy. You can measure yourself and pop the numbers into a sizing calculator on the Belly Bandit website, either using your pre pregnancy size or your pregnancy measurements. I went ahead and ordered mine and eagerly waited for it to arrival ready for D Day.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth! Fabrics derived from Bamboo are amongst the softest materials you can place next to your body. This tummy tucker offers antimicrobial, moisture wicking properties and, of course, a superior support system created with Stretch and Compress™ technology. The Bamboo Belly Bandit® is perfect for the “green” mom who spares no expense! Ecological, smart and all-together our comfiest and coziest! Being earth-friendly never felt so good!

Our specialized graded elastic helps to aid in tightening the belly, minimizing stretch marks and supporting core muscle structure. This is definitely a perfect balance of outstanding comfort and compression. – Belly Bandit Website

Image from the Official Belly Bandit Website

I was going to use it the very next day after birth but having a big wound from my section put those plans on hold. I waited until day five because that’s when my external stitching was removed and I felt that I had healed enough to pop the bandit on.


I’m glad I did as I found it extremely comfortable, it’s just flexible enough to not hinder movement but still structured to keep everything bound together. When I left the hospital my stomach was about the same size as it was at five months pregnant. It was contracting down but was very much still sticking out. Soon as I put the belly bandit on I noticed my stomach reducing down much quicker.

I found it really comfortable despite some of the reviews (although mostly the reviews are excellent). It didn’t rub, I had to remove it occasionally as my abs would hurt or I felt it was putting a bit too much pressure on my wound but in general I was able to keep it on most of the day.

You can sleep in it but I didn’t, I put it on in the morning and took it off when I went to sleep. Slowly as the days progressed I was able to wear it tighter and tighter, while visibly watching my stomach contract down each day. I found the fabric comfortable and it did breathe, really impressed as I did think it might be a little annoying to wear.

Five days after birth using the Belly Bandit wrap.

The main drawback is the price, at around £70 it’s not cheap. But I think given the quick results I think it was worth the steep price. Now if only it could remove the stretch mark that has appeared since birth too!

I found the belly bandit to be very supportive and actually enjoyed wearing it after my section. It seemed to hold everything together nicely, I wasn’t expecting this at all.
Five days after wearing the belly bandit, I wish I had taken a picture before using the belly bandit but I really was completely knackered! I was about twice the size of this though. Perhaps someone may have taken a picture of me without me realising that I can upload later.

Three weeks post birth using Belly Bandit

Three weeks (stopped wearing the bandit around two and a half weeks). At this point I can now do the bandit up fully, a size medium and now I just have toning up work to do.

Some ladies do buy two belly bandits, one bigger than the other but I don’t feel there is much point in my case. Once I get signed off as okay to start exercise I can start toning my abs which have been separately for way too long!

I may continue to wear it just to try and keep everything flat or see if it will squeeze things in further. Hey you never know! But at least I can look at spring and summer fashion now without feeling like a whale.

It’s certainly not as flat at is used to be yet but I think is due to my muscles and perhaps I still have a tiny bit more shrinkage to do. I’ve been very impressed with the belly bandit range and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants to help their body shrink back down quickly after pregnancy.



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