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Bump Update – 37 Weeks, AKA Full term

 This week has been crazy, so what have I been doing? Mostly I’ve been spending a lot of time at hospital. Tuesday I started to have contractions that were 2-3 minutes apart, I suppose they were actually going on all day but I assumed they were just braxton hicks at first. When they started to get closer together at 5pm I realised I should start timing them, it was only then that we decided we should call the hospital. I really did not want to go in, having been in there once before and been sent home you tend to opt for holding off. But they did not stop so off we went, although I casually said not to take my hospital bag with us because I was certain it would be just a false alarm.

I was right in a way, the contractions lasted about 7-8 hours and then died off to 5-10 minutes apart. Just long enough for me to have to stay the night along with my husband who got to sleep on a bean bag. He was also sent back for the hospital bag of course! During that time the midwives were pretty certain the contractions wouldn’t stop, I think I lost all the food I had eaten that day to the sick bowls during those hours too.

The next day around lunch time I was allowed to leave, totally knackered having been put on the CTG monitor constantly, more bloods, more scans. The consultant told me that I most likely did have obstetrics cholestasis after all and to come back the next day for the blood results/discussion.

I did indeed go back the next day and once again another time vortex, I do indeed have obstetrics cholestasis and now I am waiting to find out tomorrow If I need to be induced asap. I’m on a bunch of medications that might help, or might not. So this could be the last weekly update, or not it just depends what my blood results come back as tomorrow morning when I go get them done, along with a growth scan, liver scan and long chat with a doctor. In between all that I’m expecting to be left on a CTG monitor, in a waiting room, hallway while time ticks by again.

 Top moment the week?

The only good thing about this week has been hitting the full term marker, other than that it really has been a crazy one. I suppose I did get to see her face again on an ultrasound scanner which was nice as we hadn’t seen her since 21 weeks.

Stretch marks?

Still none, could I be lucky enough to pass this?


You have no idea, If I made your blood itchy and you were heavily pregnant then told you to go try and sleep you might punch me.

Maternity Clothes?

Struggling to find tops that fit over my bump, not long to go now and hopefully I can start wearing some of my summer clothes! The weather does seem to be improving here after all.

Food Cravings?

Diet Coke, which is a bit weird as I went right off that for a while. I don’t have too much as I am limiting my caffeine but I made a request the day after the hospital night visit. My husband had to go find a vending machine, it was just what I needed though!

What do you miss?

Sleeping, alcohol, being able to get comfortable, feet that don’t swell.


I’m watching movement more than normal at the moment as requested by the hospital, but she’s as active as normal. Quite strange to think there is an actual baby in there!


Itchy, like you can’t imagine. I have scratches all over my skin, I’ve scratched the skin off in places and have those horrible chicken scratch marks (which are really sore by the way).

Not too tired which is amazing because my sleep is not going well.

Lots of contractions, lots of pressure.

 Migraine auras seems to have popped up this week, which is odd and annoying.

What are you looking forward to?

Tomorrow, I’m hoping that I’ll be given an induction date so that I don’t have to itch any more.



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