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Bump Update – 36 Weeks

 Top moment the week?

I’m not sure this week has a top moment, It’s been all quite annoying. Heavy, itchy, braxton hicks starting and stopping, tiredness from not being able to sleep because of the itching.

I feel like it’s nearly the end now, four more weeks to go until my due date. My latest midwife appointment suggested that baby is now engaged 4/5 so she shouldn’t move around now. I am measuring a week ahead which is the first time since being measured. Oh I suppose on the plus side I should be able to go to the birthing centre, I’m classified low risk for now but you can’t know until the day where you will end up.

Stretch marks?

No stretch marks yet, my belly button popped out this week though! With all the scratching and itching I keep leaving marks but they are just scratches.


Terrible, insomnia, itching, achey bump, hot, it’s just a disaster combination for trying to sleep. I don’t think there is anything I can do to improve things but I suppose naps in the day help.

Maternity Clothes?

Same old. Nothing new here! I suppose now the baby has dropped I can’t fit into lots of my stretchy pj’s, clothing in general is becoming an issue. Even my maternity tops are feeling the strain.

Food Cravings?

I really fancy a Subway again, I’m hungry all the time lately.

What do you miss?



Usual stuff really, hiccups, kicks, punches, sticking her butt in my ribs she is running out of room so I feel every movement.


Three main things:

I’m tired

I’m itchy

Braxton Hicks constantly

Other than that I’m doing pretty well. My bump is aching quite a bit, this last week there has been a lot of pressure and I can no longer sit with my legs crossed.

What are you looking forward to?

Not being pregnant anymore, I’m not sure being pregnant really suits me. I’ve enjoyed parts of it but I really don’t think I’ll miss it when I’m done. It’s a means to an end for me, whereas I think some people really love the whole process that just isn’t how I have found it.

It’s time to come out now!



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