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Bump Update – 34 Weeks, three more to go until full term!

Another busy week, I actually have been so busy that I totally forgot to upload this yesterday! Oh well one day late, I’m sure the world won’t end. Or will it?

Top moment the week?

House hunting, while we have the room where we currently are we wanted to find somewhere a bit more family friendly to live. So I spent last week looking for properties and being hounded by estate agents! But we have found somewhere we like and will be perfect for the new addition. Looking forward to getting everything sorted, signed and formalised now then I can relax and focus on the pending birth.

I also had my 34 week antenatal appoint this week, I’m measuring exactly on target (which is no surprise since that’s been the case since the start). Baby is also in the LOA position which apparently is one of the best for birth, I thought she was but this was the first time that the midwife has been able to confirm position. I felt her fall into the position since the baby shower so she seems quite happy like this, I just hope she stays that way!


Stretch marks?

Not yet! It would be excellent if I can make it without too many but we will see. I don’t really mind though since they seem to go white quite easily and I have really pale skin!


Not so good, I’m waking up a lot now just purely from being uncomfortable. When I turn sides it’s a mammoth task, my pelvic usually makes a horrible clicking sound and I actually am finding it hard to use my arms to turn. I’m using my arms so often to move in the day that by night time they are totally exhausted (and my muscles are very different now, there’s a bonus).

If it’s not waking from being uncomfortable it’s usually from being too hot, random cats lying in my leg room or I just can’t sleep.

Maternity Clothes?

Still wearing them, my belly bandit arrived this week so I’m looking forward to using that post pregnancy. All of my normal clothes that sort of fitted are getting tight, my husband tells me I’m stretching all my wool items out and they won’t be the same after. He’s probably right but well needs must! It’s still not very warm here in the UK yet, so wool and warm clothes it is.

Food Cravings?

I’m not sure I’ve had any, I suppose sweet still. Oh I did have a Krispy Kreme craving, which my husband so greatly indulged me in by picking up some on his way back from work. Mostly I’m just hungry lately, she’s dropped so I have more room to eat.

What do you miss?

I don’t really miss anything this week, maybe summer days with a nice glass of wine. Or maybe sleep?


So as I said I thought last week she had moved transverse then I realised she was actually in the LOA position. I thought because she was kicking my sides that perhaps she was lying across me but once I realised it was her bum sticking into my ribs it clicked. Her movements are hard and furious now, she’s only three weeks away from being full term so it’s no surprise that her kicks hurt.

I’m not sure I ever have moments where I can’t feel her move, or at least in there. Even if it’s just a stretch I can feel it now.


Backache – Oh my goodness, usually it’s fine but one night she must have done something terrible in there. I was sleeping and suddenly woke up in terrible pain, it happened twice and I used some relaxing thoughts to take the pain away and fall asleep again (which I intend to use in the birth). But every time I woke up again bawm, however when I finally woke up in the morning it was gone?!

Tiredness – Lots of tiredness this week, but I think it’s due to being so busy and not sleeping very well.

Braxton Hicks – Lots of them but I haven’t had a episode this week so that’s been nice.

Really nothing else, I’ve had a bit of heartburn but maybe only once or twice I had much worse heartburn in the first trimester.

What are you looking forward to?

Picking up the new family car this weekend, I’ll finally be able to put the ISOfix and carseat in the car rather than having to store it in the apartment.

And here is a lovely picture (not) my husband took just for your amusement.



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