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Bump Update – 33 Weeks

It’s been a busy week so it’s felt like it’s flown by, I’ve been working on a new mummy project and we’ve been busy with friends. I hope every week goes like this one, as I’ve only got 4 – 7 weeks to go now! Other ladies due the same month as me are starting to give birth which is making me think about all the last things I need to do before her arrival.

Top moment the week?

This has to be my surprise baby shower, we had the perfect weather for it and my husband and lovely friends had planned everything out perfectly. I would argue that it felt like the first day of summer like weather we have had since winter even though really we have Spring to look forward to next. It was really nice to celebrate the new addition as I thought it wouldn’t be easy to plan given that we live quite far away now. Baby G has lots of lovely gifted clothes and I can’t wait for her to be here so she can wear them, it’s nice to buy clothes yourself but even nicer when friends find beautiful items that you haven’t seen.

When you are waddling around there is nothing better than cupcakes and summer weather after a  a long winter and feeling so huge! I just had to share a picture of these yummy cupcakes, given the amount of effort that went into finding them and of course making them!

Stretch marks?

I don’t think so, I do have a tiny dot of red just above my belly button but it’s not a line or anything? So maybe? I guess I’ll have to see whether it goes away, it kind of looks like a small bite but I can’t imagine anything has bitten me there.


Err well good and bad, compared to some women I really am still sleeping very well. Most nights I don’t have any problems but when I have restless legs it really interrupts my sleep as I just can’t get comfortable. But If I can keep up my current levels until the birth I will be very happy indeed! One well rested mummy to be.

Maternity Clothes?

Nothing new here, wearing them most of my clothes don’t fit although I can still fit into my normal PJ’s. I have to order a belly bandit though! Must remember to do that. It’s for wearing post pregnancy to help contract your uterus down faster, all the reviews look amazing for it so I’m eager to give it a go.

Food Cravings?

This week I don’t think there have been many, mostly just water if that is even a craving. I could go for ice lollies right now though, maybe that’s something.

What do you miss?

You know what? Nothing this week, I think seeing everyone for the baby shower really made me forget about anything I miss.


Well different, she moved to transverse for a while so I was feeling kicks/punches on my sides and the car journey back to the South West involved something big wedged up in my ribs most of the way. I think it was either her head or her bum but certainly she was not head down! Today she’s popped head down again but it’s must harder to feel her movements as I think she’s in the proper birthing position rather than head down and back to back. So it’s been a weird week, I’ve had to do lots of poking and prodding to check she is ok.


Backache – Pretty good this week, not sure if that’s down to a change in her position but whatever it is great.

Tiredness – I haven’t been that tired really, but when I am it hits me like a wall. I actually had my blood tested this week and the results came back today, slightly low iron so maybe that’s why!

Braxton Hicks – Urgh, I get these a lot but worryingly I keep having the episodes of early labour type contractions. On the weekend we walked to go get dinner and that started an hour long sessions of braxton hicks with 2-3 minutes between them. Luckily they stopped after an hour but we were on the verge of me having to go be seen in a hospital with just my hospital notes, I hadn’t thought to bring my hospital bag!

Hunger – Still have a serious appetite but while she was lying transverse it was less so. It felt like wearing a belt for those days across my stomach, but soon as she moved I had plenty of room again.

Breathlessness – Still here, still annoying but I’ve got used to it now. I think pregnancy is designed to slowly build up on you, if you were thrown right in the deep end you would end up overwhelmed and feel like you were dying! But by slowly decreasing room for all your organs it gives you time to slowly progress and get used to it, kind of like dipping your toe in a hot bath!

Restless Legs – 🙁 that is all

What are you looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to our new car arriving and weirdly my next midwife appointment next Monday. Mostly I’m just eagerly counting down the days of each week while trying to get as much sleep as I possibly can.



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