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Bump Update – 30 Weeks Yippee!

We had our first antenatal class last week, went in with no idea what to expect and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The classes are about two hours long and are on a Monday evening so I’ll update you on today’s next week, but they have been really informative. Being a research everything I can kind of girl I wasn’t sure how beneficial they would be, but it’s really great to be able to go together. So far we have only done the introduction class so I have high hopes of this evenings which is about labour and birth (with video content). Can’t imagine it’s going to be like watching One born every minute so a different type of birth will be quite interesting!

Top moment the week?

Has to be hitting the 30 week mark, there is no real reason for this milestone other than it just exists in my head. No new scan, no amazing progression, really for me it’s just about knowing that I have hit the thirties! Now that’s the only time you’ll ever here me celebrating hitting 30. This gives me anywhere around 7 – 12 weeks to go, providing baby doesn’t rock up into this world early that is.

Stretch marks?

No, nope, nada BUT I have noticed that my skin is starting to feel a red in places so maybe I should expect them shortly. I’ve decided to start moisturising more often even though we’ve been told many times that it doesn’t make any difference. It feels a bit less itchy I suppose and I realised that it’s probably a good thing to do anyway since throughout pregnancy your skin can go from wacky to flaky and where in between.


This last week it’s been pretty good, even sharing the bed with two beast sized cats doesn’t seem to bother me. There is still plenty of room for my gigantic pregnancy body pillow while stretching out my leg cramps! But really, I thought after the last few weeks sleep might be starting to get a bit naff however it seems to have plateaued.

Maternity Clothes?

Nothing new this week, although I am on the lookout for a few maternity PJ’s for my hospital bag and while I’m at it I wouldn’t mind a robe. Really struggling with it though as I don’t want to buy anything too nice that might get wrecked but I also don’t want anything too scratchy. Going to dive in and order soon as I’m getting anxious that I don’t have my bag packed yet.

Food Cravings?

Haha, well while watching a programme on TV which featured a massive chocolate cake I decided I needed chocolate cake right now. It happened to be the evening and frankly there was no way I was going to be making a trip out to buy said chocolate cake. The next day I did happen to procure everything I needed and I’m happy to say I spent the next couple of days eating cake for many of my meals. It didn’t help that my husband was away the next day so he couldn’t “help me out” with eating the cake.

What do you miss?

I miss drinking cocktails and Champange again this week, I think perhaps because we went out to a lovely restaurant/bar for dinner and I couldn’t try out their amazing cocktails.


Usual movements this past week, it’s becoming more like whole limbs though. I can feel and see her using her elbows and I can see when she’s got her little baby bum sticking out as my bump looks lopsided, the area is always hard there too. She is running out of room and should be around 3lbs now, crazy huh?


Backache – on and off, luckily not all the time I think it must depend how she’s positioned as most of the time my back feels good.

Breathlessness  – getting worse, I get out of breath just sitting down. I suppose it’s no surprise since lungs are squished at this point, it’s annoying though! I don’t even want to go walking because I have to have little breaks.

Sinus aches – Gah, these are annoying I’ve been managing them with a hot water bottle which seems to have a good effect.

Overall not too bad though, my ribs hurt and I have to sit in certain positions now (can’t lean forward and can’t lean too far back as I want to keep my posture good for my back). I am happy to say the restless legs have settled down and sleep has been pretty good considering! I feel sorry for anyone without aircon as that has majorly contributed to my sleep.

What are you looking forward to?

Well up until now it’s always been hitting the 30 week point, I suppose the next thing I’m looking forward to is giving birth. I’m not concerned about it at all, I just want to get to it now I suppose I’m done with being pregnant. I’ve been pregnant since last summer and I’d like to get the end result now thank you!



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