Bump to Baby

Bump Update – 27 Weeks

Top moment the week?

Early last week we had a big order from Stokke arrive, it was super exciting to unpack all the travel related baby items and made me realise how short a time we have left. I wasn’t expecting it so quickly!

Stretch marks?

Still none, my skin is feeling quite stretched out now so I’m sure it won’t be long.


Restless legs have kicked in with serious attitude this past week. That along with leg cramps and generally just looking more like a whale is making sleep less comfy.

Maternity Clothes?

I actually ordered a bunch more maternity wear this week. All from Mamalicious which is a brand I found on ASOS. The items haven’t arrived yet but I shall be sure to update you on my thoughts when they do.

Food Cravings?

Nothing this week, maybe Tomato again? Oh I suppose I did buy some Galaxy chocolate too.

What do you miss?

Normal clothes shopping, now and then I will see something and they never have it on maternity sizes. Definitely looking forward to getting back to my old shape!


Lots of movement again this past week, she’s very active in the morning and evening. Luckily she settles down when I go to sleep, I’m hoping maybe that bodes well for when she’s born.


More back aching, feeling heavy, starting to not be able to eat as much food. Lots of breathless moments!

What are you looking forward to?

Getting my glucose test out of the way, failed today’s one miserably after bringing the Lucazade back up! I also am slowly creeping forward to the 30 week mark so that’s nice.



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