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Picking a changing bag was quite important to me, I only realised this quite late on; after all it’s not just a changing bag is it? It becomes your carry around bag, where you keep not only your babies things but your things. So many of the changing bags on the market are really gimmick inducing, bold colours, crazy patterns or design to go with the travel system. There’s nothing wrong with this but I wanted a grown up bag still.

So a little research online and one brand caught my eye “Storksak”, they make a variety of designer changing bags which have been carefully designed to store everything you might need. One of the key things I liked about their bags was that they come with a matching foldable changing mat and also an insulated bottle holder, what more do you need?

Onto the bag, this is the Elizabeth bag in the colour Dove Grey, Elizabeth is one of their timeless editions and has been in their collection since they launched.

Made from luxurious lake washed leather, which ages beautifully, it is finished with brushed silver hardware. Big enough to fit most laptops, this is the perfect baby bag to double-up as your every day or work bag. With two outer pockets, including a mobile pocket, ten internal pockets as well as a insulated bottle holder, this is your ultimate baby bag. – Storksak Website

Look and feel

I love that due to the leather used, each bag is unique and will be slightly different to another. In addition to this it should be quite hard wearing, the leather feels very strong and has a lovely scent (if you like the smell of leather that is). On first look everything seems to be made to a high standard, good quality stitching used and the hardware looks sturdy. I’m hopeful that this bag will last, which will offset the higher pricetag. It comes in a few other colour options in the lake washed leather (black, chalk, tan and walnut) and also a black quilted soft cow hide leather if you prefer that look. The leather does feel very soft to touch and there is also a long strap for over the shoulder use if you so desire.



On the outside of the bag there are two pockets, one of the front and one on the back kept closed with magnets. Probably ideal for storing your phone so that you can get to it quickly when the bag is either on the travel system or being held. Inside there are nine compartments. There is a flushed zipper compartment on one side and on the other a velcro secured compartment, the rest are mostly pouches which seem quite useful for nappies and other items. I’ve managed to fit three nappies easily into just one of these compartments so there really is plenty of space. I love how Storksak seem to have measured out the compartments so they suit baby related items well. There is also a detachable bottle compartment which you can use to keep your bottle upright. In addition to this is a small vanity pouch which can be easily found as it’s attached by a clip, the pouch has the same leather colour used on the bag which I like.wd_b5e5

Extra features

There is also a matching changing mat and bottle holder, all matching the internal material of the bag which you can wipe clean. I don’t think this picture really does the material justice but the previous internal picture should give you an idea. I should also mention that the bag is a zip to close style, which I wanted as I didn’t want things falling out. It looks really robust and chunky so I have high hopes of it not breaking on me! The changing mat looks really luxurious compared to some of the others I’ve seen and is extra padded so should be quite comfortable. The insulated bottle holder should keep things cool/warm for up to four hours, so that’s useful.wd_84ad

Overall thoughts

I really like this changing bag, I’m hoping it will serve me well and for now I think it’s definitely worth the extra money. It is a tad on the girly side but we’ve bought the Stokke changing bag which matches the Stokke Xplory for my husband to use (reviews on these to follow). If you want a changing bag that can easily pass for a normal day to day back I would highly recommend Storksak, you are bound to be able to find a style and colour to suit you. The changing bag will fit most strollers as you can use the over the shoulder strap however I’ll be purchasing their Storksak Stroller Clips as the Stokke Xplory doesn’t have the traditional stroller handle but instead has a loop. So I should be able to use the clips around the handle, but if I don’t like the look of it then It will just have to be carried. Can’t complain!

The bag has plenty of storage and room to fit everything you need in, although If I had more than one child in nappies I might opt for one of their slightly bigger bags. I can definitely seem my collection growing as I want to update things and what’s great is Storksak are always bringing out seasonal changes to their collections.

I’m looking forward to using the bag, once I do I will add an update below who knows my thoughts might change!



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