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Bump update – 26 Weeks

I thought I would start doing weekly updates now that I’m feeling much better, shame I couldn’t do them before but hey ho! So here is last weeks.

Top moment the week?

Lots of reassuring movements now, bump seems to have worked herself into a routine and responds to voices with a nice nudge. She always kicks me in the morning when my husband comes in to say goodbye, so it’s great she is able to pick-up both our voices now.

Stretch marks?

None so far, I am expecting some though!


Pretty good this week, body pillow is doing it’s thing and the air conditioning is keeping me cool. Two things which I think really are needed when you are trying to sleep while pregnant.

Maternity Clothes?

Mostly able to wear normal leggings still, although none of my jeans fit so I’m in maternity jeans. I’ve been mixing and matching tops with things that currently fit and maternity tops.

Food Cravings?

Carrot cake! I haven’t thought about carrot cake in ages, but it just sprang into my mind over the weekend. Luckily my husband ran out to go find me some, I ate the whole thing to myself.

What do you miss?

Champagne and Sauvignon blanc wine, we will be packing the Champagne in our hospital bag.


Ever increasing, even compared to last week apparently textbook and should happen until around 28 weeks in which the baby will have less room to move around. Although you should still feel movement after this time of course.


My back is starting to ache now, which I expected as I have damage to my discs. Other than that it’s mostly typical pregnancy things like feeling heavy, tiredness occasionally and a constant battle with making sure I take in enough iron.

What are you looking forward to?

Hitting the 30 week mark, ten weeks to go feels much sooner than fourteen!



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