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Nursery Project – DIY Safari Animal Jars

I loved these jars and had seen them posted on pinterest, I knew they would look great on top of the nursery dresser. I just needed to collect up and find all the different items to do it! So what do you need?

wd_4fecYou will need:

  • Screw top jars, you can use any old jars but I purchased these new because I didn’t have any to hand
  • Plastic animals, you can use anything you like they don’t even have to be animals of course
  • Glue, I used epoxy glue but you could use super glue
  • Spray paint and primer, if you aren’t using a spray paint that combines primer you’ll need to prime them first.
  • Workspace and dust sheets, I used cardboard with an old sheet beneath

Most of these items you may already have at home, you can also pick more than one spray paint and have a variety of colours to suit your theme.

Safety first – make sure you cover your face and nose and spray paint in a ventilated room or outside.

Once you have all your items, it’s pretty simple really and all it takes is a little bit of time while you wait for each layer to dry. I can’t believe how simple this is to do given the effect it gives at the end, well I like them anyway!

Prep and spray stage



Lay the screw top lids and the plastic animals on your workspace ready to spray. Spray an even light coat of spray paint over all the items, be sure to hold the can the recommended distance from the items as this should help keep your coat of paint even. Once completed let everything dry for the recommended time (you can find this on your bottle).

Wait some time, spray again stage

Once the first coat has dried, lightly spray all the items again making sure to cover any missed areas. Let everything dry again.

The having fun with glue, just don’t glue your fingers together stage

Once completely dry you can glue the animals to the lid, If using epoxy glue mix up a small amount and coat the bottom facing parts of the animal (which will touch the lid) and place the animal on the lid making sure to get a good connection. Leave to dry for recommended time, in this case it was around 10 minutes.

The “oh no did I miss a bit?” stage

Have a look at your completed lid with animal attached, if there are any uneven areas spray the lid (with the animals attached) with one more coat of spray paint and then let it dry.



That’s it! The lighting changed by the final picture so the pink looks a different colour but you get the idea.

I’m really pleased with these as I am going to totally store them on my changing dresser, I think I’ll use them to store those little items and sample products.



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    Chrissy Layton
    11th January 2015 at 6:30 pm

    They look cool! I think gluing tiny animals to things is a slippery slope when crafting, but these jars are on the cute side, not the crazy side.

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